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Post by trog @ 02:37pm 04/06/08 | 8 Comments
The ioquake3 project has announced that initial support for Voice over IP (VoiP) has been added to the code base for their enhanced Quake 3 engine:
Based on these theories, ioquake3 is adding VOIP support for the next release. This internal support is going to bring along with it support for (entirely optional) Mumble positional VOIP audio. More nerd-speak after the break, the short and quick of it is, however:

Were going to have VOIP for mods/new games, and baseq3. This is a pretty radical departure from the initial goal of not changing anything in baseq3, and is probably the single largest (obvious) end-user benefit for using ioquake3.
While it's not really usable now it's good news for the future, bringing even more enhancements to one of the most common game engines out there.

Interestingly though it seems that gamers tend to prefer VoiP systems that aren't coupled to the game. We've had some experience over the last few years in providing voice servers for gamers and despite the increasingly common inclusion of VoiP directly in games, it seems that more people prefer the out-of-game experience. What's your preference and why?

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Posted 02:42pm 04/6/08
I play(ed) 2 games that have their own in built voice systems (Eve & WoW) and have used neither, would prefer to stick with TS or Vent. The best benefit I've found is that inevitably by talking to people instead of typing you end up discussing non-game related things like work, partners, kids, life, etc. This then leads to a "relationship" or rapport with those people and if you wanted to have a chat you can do it without having to load the game up or chat with them and play a different game.
Posted 03:03pm 04/6/08
yeah vent/TS is better because you don't have to be in game to chat to your clan/guild. we'll be sitting around idling in mirc waiting for a tf2 scrim or something and just be talking s***. also some in-game voice chat systems seem clumsy or less functional. and WOW didn't have one when i played it, so people are probably just sticking to what they're used to - vent or TS.
Posted 03:06pm 04/6/08
It is good for pub to have built in voice options (with a mute button of course);.
Posted 05:43pm 04/6/08
I Found the WoW chat system to be horrible quality. Wasn't A Fan. Go Vent/TS ^.^
Posted 10:40am 05/6/08
the biggest problem with the wow in game voice stuff is it comes turned off by default and trying to convince people to turn it on when you have f***witts saying 'why cant you just type it'

yeah let me type how to get ourselves out of this amazingly f***ed double pull all in the split .1 of a second i have while trying to hold the agro of 6+ mobs and organise what little croud control we have and get our damage focused onto one target, f*****g prat.

the idiocy that surrounds this world is increasing per day and i hate the fact i seem like the only one that notices something is wrong with it.

the movie idiocracy was so amazingly funny to me in the ironic type way, the 9 other off people i watched it with thought it was 'crap' and a 'waiste of time', ohh the irony it burnt into my brain like type of anti biological acid.
Posted 10:46am 05/6/08
Someone needs a hug.
Posted 12:51pm 05/6/08
Posted 04:18pm 05/6/08
the biggest problem with the wow

it was 'crap' and a 'waiste of time',
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