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Post by Dan @ 03:27pm 02/06/08 | 16 Comments
It's not due until September, but you'd think it was next week with the amount of media EA have been releasing for Spore of late. Today we have another trailer, this time demonstrating some of the game's tribe stage.
The Spore Team presents the Tribal Stage, the third evolutionary stage in the Spore universe. You begin the Tribal Stage as a small group of sentient creatures which have just discovered tools and have formed the first tribe on their planet. Gather food with your tribe members by picking fruit, hunting or domesticating wild animals and fishing. Your tribe runs on food, buy tools with it, purchase tribal accessories with it, gift it to other tribes, steal it from other tribes, and (of course) feed your tribe with it. Use different tools to befriend or attack neighbouring tribes, aid in hunting and gathering, or heal your tribe members. Depending on how you played the Cell and Creature Stages, you will begin Tribal Stage with two of six super powers at your disposal. Defeat or ally with five tribes to conquer the continent and form a civilization!
New screenshots have been added to the AusGamers gallery for Spore and you can find the tribe stage trailer right here in our video library.


Latest Comments
Posted 05:23pm 02/6/08
that looks pretty interesting. should be heaps more fun that the sims at least.

"ooooh i need to pee.... again."
Posted 05:30pm 02/6/08
Looks similar to black and white, but those games were average. The annoying outweighed the good parts.
Posted 09:56pm 02/6/08
First thing I thought of was B&W also....
Posted 10:09pm 02/6/08
whats the big hype about this game that i've noticed the last year? seems pretty fkn boring compared to a decent rts fighter or even a civ builder like settlers.

intelligent ai?
Posted 10:14pm 02/6/08
yer i dont understand the hype. looks boring and too kiddie for my tastes.

i can see the female population lapping it up like they did for the sims.
Posted 10:21pm 02/6/08
You guys know what the cheats are called in spore?


last edited by Phooks at 22:21:17 02/Jun/08
Posted 10:34pm 02/6/08
that joke failed big time. dont even bother with the spoiler tag
Posted 10:36pm 02/6/08
I spoiled your mum last night.
Posted 10:38pm 02/6/08
hopefully not as poorly as you did just then...
Posted 10:40pm 02/6/08
apparently the hook is that everyones experience will be different. You get to make your own species ANY way you want. There are almost an unlimited amount of possibilities. Not only just creating them, but leading them up to a point where you can have a galactic empire. Nearly everything in the game is customizable and also the galaxy is massive, with thousands of planets to explore with even more thousands of new species to interact with.

where the fun and gameplay fits in im not sure.

The reason Spore is getting so much press and attention (for all the right reasons imo) right now, is in no small part for its revolutionary gameplay, among other things. And I wouldn't be supprised if it ended up becoming the next "Sims craze". Not to mention it's the brainchild of Will Wrights Maxis studio, which for the most part has been responsible for some of the most inovative games of the past two decades

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Posted 10:41pm 02/6/08
sorta like GTA IV right?
Posted 04:29pm 03/6/08
black and white was such a massive disappointment

no one told me it was just a stock standard rts/civ builder with a creature:

Posted 04:30pm 03/6/08
Yeh, Black and White should make anyone cautious about Spore. As awesome as it sounds I'm going to reserve judgment until I play it. I'm still hugely looking forward to it though!@#
Posted 06:43pm 03/6/08

As awesome as it sounds I'm going to reserve judgment until I play it.

That goes for any game really.
Posted 06:55pm 03/6/08
I think its pretty cool that they have children working as software developers on a kids games today... (the female dev in the video has some kind of hormone deficiency syndrome or something :P)
Posted 07:04pm 03/6/08
Black and White was made by Peter Molyneux. Will Write is like Peter except he excels in execution as well as ideas.
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