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Post by trog @ 11:41am 29/05/08 | 18 Comments
Just a quick reminder that its the last days for entries into the AusGamers Survey Competition! All you have to do is fill out the survey and then you're eligible to enter the competition. The grand prize is an Xbox 360 console system and we have two Nintendo DS consoles as runner-up prizes.

Please note that to confirm your entry you'll need to click on a link that is emailed to your nominated email address. We had some problems with some emails either not getting delivered (mostly affecting Hotmail users; these are all being re-sent right now) and some emails ending up in the Spam folders (mostly affecting Gmail users).

If you don't get your email please first check your spam folder to make sure it's not in there. If it hasn't arrived after about half an hour, please let us know so we can check it out!


Latest Comments
Posted 11:47am 29/5/08
awsome, submitted.
Posted 11:55am 29/5/08
so just by filling it out i'm in the comp? or do i have to do that stupid 50 words or less cause thats lame
Posted 12:02pm 29/5/08
It seems like in the time it could have taken you to write that you could have written 50 words or less on the other page, thus being in the competition
Posted 12:09pm 29/5/08
Needs a books category in what you buy online, Amazon ftw.

Also, is this for better targeted advertising? Some of those questions seem a little weird for a gaming site to be asking.
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:11pm 29/5/08
entered but i suck when it comes to 50 words or less comps
Posted 01:17pm 29/5/08
submitted ftmfw. yhtbiitwi!

last edited by d0mino at 13:17:57 29/May/08
Posted 01:53pm 29/5/08
If you have a digg account it'd be awesome if you could digg this item so we can try and get as much feedback for the survey as possible. Thanks!
Posted 02:02pm 29/5/08
submitted and dugg.

trog i will pm my address details so you can send over the xbox360. i want to play streetfighter kthx
sif greazy
Posted 02:17pm 29/5/08
For employment status, it would be great if there's an option for being a student and a part timer worker because a lot of stupids have part time work or they wouldn't be able to offered buying games.
Posted 02:46pm 29/5/08
when will the winners be announced?
Posted 04:12pm 29/5/08

Judging will occur at 11:00pm 13th June 2008 at 34 Coonan St, Indooroopilly, QLD. The eligible Entrants with the best answer, as determined by the judges in their sole discretion ("Winners"), will receive an Xbox 360 Console system. The two runners-up will each receive a Nintendo DS console system. The total value of the prize pool is $1,000.

So some time that day maybe?
Posted 04:28pm 29/5/08
where the hell was the 50 words or less bit?
Posted 06:13pm 29/5/08
"If you have a digg account it'd be awesome if you could digg this item so we can try and get as much feedback for the survey as possible. Thanks!"

Generate your own traffic/revenue.
Posted 07:31pm 29/5/08
Become more like gamespot.. eg get your parent company (cnet) bought by a major network and then be in a position to pimp your wares on the radio, tv and news paper.. Thats a revenue stream just waiting to be tapped..

oh this isn't where we put in the entries?? hehe
Posted 07:32pm 29/5/08
50 words isnt enough :/
Posted 05:11pm 30/5/08
Generate your own traffic/revenue.

You mean like, asking people to digg if they have an account?

Posted 05:20pm 30/5/08
slow down, egghead
Posted 06:25pm 30/5/08
Entry submitted. And hey, I think I actually came up with something useful, woot.
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