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Post by trog @ 11:10am 28/05/08 | 9 Comments
The official Battlefield Heroes site has a Q&A up exposing some more details about the upcoming free World War 2 shooter. Some of it further confirms the focus on casual gamers - it will be interesting to see if it has enough skill differentiation to enable the same sort of good competitive play that previous BF titles have had. Here's a snippet:
Will you be able to refill ammo/HP out in the field (as in BF1942 and BFV)? If not, will a class be able to hand out ammo/HP?

Every class in Battlefield Heroes has unlimited ammo and is able to heal themselves on the fly. Though the Soldier class could be described as being the closest to a traditional Battlefield Ďmedicí if you choose to play him as such; you could just as easily leave this group heal ability out and focus just on offensive abilities
Check out the full Q&A for the rest. We've got a bunch of screenshots if you haven't seen it before!

battlefield heroes

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Posted 11:12am 28/5/08
haha unlimited ammo and the ability to heal yourself. sounds awesome

they should have called it battlefield: rambos
Posted 11:31am 28/5/08
EA and free... whats wrong with this picture??

i take it its going to be fully ad marketed ingame.

Health packs will be johnson and johnson band aids, Stamina will be cans of red bull or V, Health with be subway footlong sub.
Posted 11:35am 28/5/08
No in-game ads from what they said at GDC, the ads will be in like loading screens and stuff.
Posted 12:19pm 28/5/08
Hrmm ad's on loading screens...makes me wonder why we haven't seen this before. Probably more effective than the current ingame ad's.

Posted 12:24pm 28/5/08
Free maybe just enough for me to give them another chance.
Posted 12:36pm 28/5/08
loading screens will be shown for 10mins each regardless of how fast your pc is.
Posted 01:52pm 28/5/08
I remember them also saying that there wont be ads in the menus either, I'm not sure if that includes loading screens.
Posted 02:14pm 28/5/08
speaking of free multiplayer fps, anyone played WolfTeam?
Posted 09:51pm 28/5/08
It's awful, see rakion :o
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