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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:12am 26/05/08 | 3 Comments
Steven Spielberg might be riding high on the success of Indiana Jones right now, but he's also been busy in other areas. Working closely with EA, the movies iant has taken his first step into the realm of videogames with a family title that takes the interactivity of the Wii and Wii remote and combines them with a 3D puzzle/party title loosely based on the game of Jenga.

In Boom Blox players can play traditional games of Jenga or modified versions where your goal is to knock down the towers with bowling balls and explosives. Is his first foray into games a sign of things to come? Well, if we're looking for nothing bu family fun entertainment, then yes it is.

Hit this link for our full review, otherwise you can check out more information on our Boom Blox game page.

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Posted 05:01pm 26/5/08
This game was pretty cool to begin with, but as you get to the harder levels, I find it basically impossible to get gold (or even bronze sometimes, and you have to get at least bronze to unlock the next level - gay) on the first go. That isn't TOO bad, but the fact you have to go through a couple of menus each time you restart the level gets F*****G ANNOYING when you have to do it constantly. The game would be 1 000 000 times better if there was just an instant "restart" option.

Having said that, I really look forward to playing the Jenga maps with some mates. I have to make sure I don't play it too much so I don't become one of "those guys".
Posted 05:53pm 26/5/08
where your goal is to knock down the towers with bowling balls and explosives

That's not f*****g Jenga, Spielberg!! What happens when the tower get knocked down? An alien comes out?
Posted 01:42pm 27/5/08
Agreed on the level restart process, it definitely should have been quicker.
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