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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:41am 20/05/08 | 11 Comments
Nintendo of Australia has today announced the local launch of WiiWare, the Wii's own version of Xbox Live Arcade. Until now the Wii has only offered the Virtual Console - a platform that essentially made ROMS of original NES, SNES, Sega Master System, MegaDrive and Turbo GrafX available for play. However, none of the VC releases have been upgraded, offering only the exact same version of the release as it was from day one.

WiiWare on the other hand, gives developers a chance to work in smaller scale with the Wii's hardware offering up a similar platform to the successful Xbox Live Arcade.
WiiWare is a new game download service, accessible via the Wii Shop Channel, where users can download a variety of new games in exchange for Wii Points. The Wii Shop Channel is free to access and is where WiiWare and Virtual Console games can be downloaded.

Whereas Virtual Console allows consumers to download classic games, WiiWare offers brand new titles, and is also an opportunity for video game developers to create new games for Wii.

Developers, no matter how big or small, will be able to create new downloadable games to be sold through the Wii Shop Channel. Changing the way developers create Wii games and how players access them, WiiWare will make it possible for smaller, creative titles to take centre stage. The combination of low development barriers and unique game experiences, through use of the Wii remote, will enable developers to try new ideas with lower risk in a quicker, more creative and affordable way.
WiiWare is available locally today from the Wii Shop Channel. You can find out more about what's on offer by checking out the press release.


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Posted 02:17pm 20/5/08
Cool - now if they could just scrap and redo the god-awful friend code system we might be getting somewhere..

last edited by Hogfather at 14:17:55 20/May/08
Posted 02:23pm 20/5/08
Lost Winds looks really cool, I might have to get it. I want to find out more about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles too. I haven't really read much about it, but if it's like the first one, I'll be interested.
Ski Free.exe
Posted 03:00pm 20/5/08
Yeah I love anime too
Posted 03:31pm 20/5/08
How much will it cost to put something you develop onto people's Wiis?

The combination of low development barriers and unique game experiences, through use of the Wii remote, will enable developers to try new ideas with lower risk in a quicker, more creative and affordable way.

Does this mean the programming is done via waving the Wii remote? Or just that you can make programs which will work with Wii remote (duh, why even say that)?

last edited by Idol at 15:31:06 20/May/08
Posted 04:00pm 20/5/08
Its saying that the use of the Wii Remote offers unique game experiences.
Posted 04:16pm 20/5/08
But it does not say "unique game experiences" it says "The combination of low development barriers and unique game experiences" so to me you cannot separate those two concepts when talking about what you will get through the use of the Wii remote.

To me a low development barrier is one where you can do the whole thing using one pointing device and no keyboard. It's color by numbers basically.

Also means you can't do anything new and creative.

last edited by Idol at 16:16:17 20/May/08
Posted 04:18pm 20/5/08
It means cheap/easy to develop on account of the wii's s***** graphics, i think you have a low development barrier if you got "you can do the whole thing using one pointing device and no keyboard." from what they said.
Posted 04:19pm 20/5/08
wtf, developing a game by waving around a wii remote? you're kidding right?
Posted 04:20pm 20/5/08
maybe little flash games that you wouldnt pay more then $5 for which arent worth the trouble of actually distributing are now worth it as you are paying for right to play the somewha free games (like defend your castle) and you have to download it yourself taking away the distribution issue.

don't agree with having to pay to use a web browser on the wii though
sif greazy
Posted 05:34pm 20/5/08
Any news if this update blocks the freeloader?
Posted 08:45pm 20/5/08
No, the patch that fixes the Freeloader exploit hasn't been activated yet. I'm not sure why, apparently it was patched a while back, but they're just holding off activating it for some reason.

I just looked at the videos for the Final Fantasy game. It looks rather s***, can't say I'd be paying money for that.
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