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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:37pm 14/05/08 | 12 Comments
Grand Theft Auto 4 has broken the Guiness World Record for Highest Entertainment Earner Within 24 Hours after its worldwide released generated more than US$310 million dollars with 3.6 million units sold. The previous high earner was last year's Halo 3 which came in at US$170 million dollars which topped the next previous, the film Spider-Man 3 (it made US$60 million).

Released worldwide on April 29, the latest in the long-running GTA series sparked some controversy in Australia after it was revealed the game had been edited for local release. This hasn't seemed to have slowed interest in the game though, which should be letting Rockstar Australia breathe a sigh of relief. You can check out more about the game locally here on our GTA 4 game page or have a look at our massively in-depth review for our verdict.

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Posted 01:43pm 14/5/08
So steve, Game of the Year?
Posted 03:37pm 14/5/08
It may have been the highest selling title but they really should have worked on the framerate issues b4 release

Maybe we could rename the game to GTM (Grand Theft Microsoft) for doing the dodgy and releasing b4 its ready

I will wait for resolution of these issues b4 grabbing my copy
Posted 03:43pm 14/5/08

Posted 03:47pm 14/5/08
I thought it was going to break the record for most amount of swear words in a video game.
which topped the next previous, the film Spider-Man 3 (it made US$60 million).

Wha?? Neither sequel was as successful as the first iirc. Maybe I'm thinking of the entire opening weekend though.
Posted 04:02pm 14/5/08
is this going based on $80 or are they scaling it down to what the $ value of buying a movie ticket is worth (spiderman 3)?

Posted 04:34pm 14/5/08
It would be the proper RRP or whatever. Spidey would pwn GTA if they scaled it down.
Posted 04:58pm 14/5/08
I would pay lots of money to play this game. Who is willing to sell it to me? (PC or Wii accepted only)
Posted 05:45pm 14/5/08
why are movie tickets and games in the same category? thats retarded.

would concerts also be in the same category? what if some boffins resurrected the two dead beatles and they did a one-night-only concert with tickets worth $1000 each and was which was broadcast on PPV for the same and made a billion dollars in one night would that beat GTA4 for the title?

also why is it called GTA4, and not GTA6. are GTASA and GTAVC both mission packs or are they counting them as prequels. aka, GTASA = GTAZERO and GTAVC = GTANEGATIVEONE.

last edited by nF at 17:45:36 14/May/08
Posted 05:45pm 14/5/08
excellent application of boffins nf, well done.
Posted 02:07pm 15/5/08
Everyone is forgetting Aquaman.
Posted 03:17pm 15/5/08
. are GTASA and GTAVC

I think the full name of those games was GTA3:whatever city

Posted 03:58pm 15/5/08
guiness world records are hardly relevant anymore imo
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