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Post by trog @ 06:44pm 13/05/08 | 29 Comments
Funcom have confirmed we're able to mirror the Age of Conan client for Early Access peeps, so if you're sick of battling the international crowds, you can start nabbing it locally from AusGamers. It's a 14gb download divided into 8 smaller chunks to make it a little easier to download (well, that's the theory; I'd prefer one big download myself). Even IE users should be able to download each chunk with their inferior browser.

Direct links to each of the parts:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, and last and least, Part 8.

age of conan

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Posted 07:06pm 13/5/08
Another 14gb of cap bites the dust.
Posted 07:26pm 13/5/08
Another 14gb of cap bites the dust.
who you with evis? pretty much every isp in aus now has a mirror for it
Posted 07:29pm 13/5/08
Can't this be a torrent? Be better served if everybody chipped in - especially at 14GB?
Posted 07:42pm 13/5/08
Does Optus have any unmetered sites for this kind of thing? I haven't been up to date with this stuff...
Posted 07:42pm 13/5/08
tpg o_O
Posted 08:01pm 13/5/08
Can't this be a torrent? Be better served if everybody chipped in - especially at 14GB?
The official client is just a torrent; it has like 12,000 seeds so I'd recommend just using that
Posted 07:59am 14/5/08
How exactly do you get early access? I've pre-ordered a copy from JB but I didn't get any kind of authentication key with it. I don't want to download 14g of data and find out I can't use it.
Posted 08:16am 14/5/08
How exactly do you get early access?

im not sure how jb do it, but at EB you go in with your reciept and they give you the codes and s*** required.

also can anyone tell me what the death penality is in AOC, i tried searching the various aoc wikis around but cant find any info on it.
Reverend Evil
Posted 08:23am 14/5/08
Gonna wait until near the end of month before I start leeching this unless I can grab it off someone before then.
Posted 09:03am 14/5/08
How exactly do you get early access?
I think you have to sign up on the funcom site and pay an extra $5 - I read around a bit on it last night and the process is poorly documented and there's certainly a lot of people having problems on the official forums. I think there was a limited # of early access spots. See here for more info
Posted 09:21am 14/5/08
How exactly do you get early access?
If you have purchased the preordered, you make your account here by entering your preorder code. Once your account is created you are given this option

Which costs $5

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Posted 09:21am 14/5/08
EB no Limited editions left but do have the code. Ezygames and JB claim to have limited editions left but don't seem to be issuing the codes.

Posted 11:15am 14/5/08
Just got a call to pick mine up from EB o_O
Posted 11:40am 14/5/08
got all mine downloaded and ready to rock yesterday (thx boba)

its due for release on saturday right? too bad i have a f***en massive weekend planned.

going to slutday at the races then 3 birthdays and a house warming S*** F*** i hate it when life gets in the way of gaming :(
Posted 12:00pm 14/5/08
its due for release on saturday right?
Sunday 3am if you paid for the early access
Posted 12:13pm 14/5/08
heh well, character creation will be done while absolutely maggot w00t
Posted 12:31pm 14/5/08
Just got an email with the key for signup. So JB's are definitely giving out codes it seems.
Posted 12:46pm 14/5/08
is anyone in any guilds for this?

pref bris/aussie based dedicated to conan (not branch of wow guild if possible)

holy s*** i am turning into an mmo geek :(
Posted 01:08pm 14/5/08
ive had a bit of a look at this game over the last few months, wats the big fuss about? Can anyone sell this to me in under 50 words? The era does seem appealing.
Posted 02:50pm 14/5/08
also can anyone tell me what the death penality is in AOC, i tried searching the various aoc wikis around but cant find any info on it.

From what I saw in the beta, when you die in pvp there's no penalty

When you die in pve, you leave a gravestone, and you have a 10% penalty for 30 minutes unless you go get your gravestone.

This effect can stack if you die multiple times and don't collect your gravestones though
Posted 02:54pm 14/5/08

Posted 04:23pm 14/5/08
yep pretty much skill based combat, gore, wenches and good gfx rolled up in the awesome gritty conan style.
Posted 05:43pm 14/5/08
ps. patch for early access is up
Posted 06:02pm 14/5/08
I played the open beta up to lvl 20... wasn't that impressed TBH

I decided to not even buy it
Posted 07:06pm 14/5/08
Someone's just pointed out that a couple files weren't unzipping properly; totally my fault - one of the file servers was being stupid and I forgot about it, so a few of the files hadn't fully copied over.

DON'T PANIC - your download isn't hosed. Just go back to the download page, get new d/l links, and resume your download.
Posted 07:18pm 14/5/08
Monthly pay?
Posted 08:14pm 14/5/08
$15 US per month
Posted 09:16pm 14/5/08
just an fyi for all those currently downloading or are yet to download and havent actually activated there early access

according to AoC forums, early access is closed now. If you got in, youre in, if you havent at this point, youve missed out

sux 2 be me, already downloaded the client and was yet to recieve my early access code due to being on night shifts and sleeping during eb's operating hours.
Posted 09:38pm 14/5/08
lol wasted $5
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