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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:50pm 09/05/08 | 12 Comments
Ubisoft have today announced a multiplayer demo for the forthcoming Free Radical shooter, Haze, is available for free download from the PlayStation Store. The demo is up now and will set you back 1.5g of space on your HD. We're bringing it down as this is posted, so stay tuned for our thoughts on one of the PS3's more anticipated releases (and its multiplayer component). There are also a few new screens available, which you can look at in our awesome new AusGamers 2.0 screens gallery.

Haze is a PS3 exclusive first-person shooter developed by Free Radical (TimeSplitters) and published by Ubisoft. For more information check out our Haze game page.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:14pm 09/5/08
i am actually quite wet for this one. bummer its not on 360 :(
Posted 01:46pm 09/5/08
Sweet, I'll definitely grab this when I get home. Thanks for the heads up, I wouldn't have known otherwise.
Posted 01:53pm 09/5/08
played it, finished it, over it.

nothing really that fancy, the necter mode was nothing we havent seen before.
the jungle is nothing compared to the atmospheric jungles in crysis, and the ai was pretty standard. the look and feel of it is the same as other fps out on consoles atm, (thats excluding cod4).

short of co-op which can be a big hit or miss depending on the gameplay in general this game has nothing new to offer the slightly more then casual - hardcore players.

Posted 02:27pm 09/5/08
played it last night and pretty much what groganus said.
Posted 02:31pm 09/5/08
Yeah, I played this the other day. It's probably the most one dimensional and lazy FPS that I've played in about 3-4 years. This thing makes Halo look like rocket science.

Trailers and stuff gave me hope for it, but considering KoRn's involvement, I should have known it'd be a stinker.
Posted 04:02pm 09/5/08
Well that's a letdown :(
Posted 04:56pm 09/5/08
There are also a few new screens available, which you can look at in our awesome new AusGamers 2.0 screens gallery.

It took me a while to figure out where the actual screens were when viewing the page on my laptop (screenshot below).

Not much better on my higher-res (1280x1024) desktop LCD either.

Posted 09:34pm 10/5/08
I just tried the demo for this today. I wasn't blown away by it. In fact, I was pretty excited for this, so I was a tad disappointed. I'll still give the game a go when it comes out though, but it'll more than likely just be a rental now, rather than a purchase.
Posted 09:41pm 10/5/08
It took me a while to figure out where the actual screens were when viewing the page on my laptop (screenshot below).
whilst the prev/next buttons are nice, the thumbnail view should also jump to the top I think.
sif greazy
Posted 09:40pm 11/5/08
Hashy sends his blessing:
Hashy says: Anyone who was genuinely excited for Haze after seeing the concept art, reading about the "revolutionary new NECTAR SYSTEM", hearing of Korn's involvement or seeing it in action needs to hand in their game card right f*****g now. Whether you buy this cop-out by the numbers FPS or not you are indirectly destroying this industry.

I completely agree with him. You should be all ashamed.
Posted 10:14pm 11/5/08
I was excited about it because its made by Free Radical, and because I saw an interview a year or so ago where they were saying when you start the single player game, you're working for this big company and they send you on missions to kill enemy soldiers and rebels and stuff, but they're manipulating what you see in your heads up display, so what you actually see as soldiers and rebels is in reality unarmed innocent women and children, and I liked that hook. It reminded me a little of Syndicate :P

Shame it turned out to be such an average, run of the mill FPS.
Posted 11:03am 12/5/08
Yeah, being made by Free Radical was where half of my excitement for the game came from too, mainly because of how much fun Timesplitters was. I didn't think the Haze demo was bad at all, it just wasn't as great as I expected.

Though, the demo barely touches at all on the crazy effects that Nectar is supposed to have on the soldiers, so I'm still intrigued enough to give the full game a go.
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