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Post by trog @ 01:58pm 08/05/08 | 7 Comments
A few people let us know they've had some issues getting their entries in to the survey competition. We've fixed some issues on the front end that would have been causing problems for some people - sorry about that.

Also, please note - due to evil spammers using AusGamers stuff in spam emails, it seems that the survey confirmation emails are ending up in a lot of spam folders. If you don't get your email, please check there first! Gmail accounts are known to be highly subject to this, so please take the time to click the 'not spam' buttons so it learns.

Please note though to enter the competition you will need to do the survey first. It won't take too long, we promise! Then jump into the competition to try and win yourself some loot.


Latest Comments
Posted 06:32pm 08/5/08
Have you guys set a date for when the winners are announced yet?
Posted 06:34pm 08/5/08
Yep, its in the T&C somewhere - its like 5 weeks from yesterday I think
Posted 08:11pm 08/5/08
when are you guys going to give up on the "in 50 words or less" s***.

why not just a true random draw, cause f*** i don't have time to write and as if you guys read them anyway.
Posted 08:38pm 08/5/08
They do actually get read. TBH though, the winning entries could vary pretty wildly depending on the interests or sense of humour of whoever ends up processing them. I would have picked an entirely different set for that cod4 screenshot comp for instance. But I assure you they aren't just half-assedly skimmed over. We usually get a few good laughs around the office from some of the x words or less entries.

A random draw might be more apt in some instances, but it's my understanding that that's when you start to get into lottery license territory.
Posted 08:47pm 08/5/08
Random draws require lotto licences in some states to make them legal.
Posted 08:49pm 08/5/08
only in SA though isn't it? couldn't you just exclude them?

i mean they are nudity hating church goers, they probably wouldn't enter anyway as its a form of gambling.
Posted 09:20pm 08/5/08
no, depending on the value of the prize pool, licenses are needed in all states.

when I run promos like this for work (keeping in mind we give away prizes worth 10k plus), permit fees cost around $5k in total - so it aint cheap either.

50/25 words or less mechanisms are an effective way of getting around this, regardless of if it is "really" judged, as I'm sure these ones are :)
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