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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:44pm 06/05/08 | 18 Comments
Some of you may have already seen this, but for those who missed it, the first Global Mario Kart Wii Online competition has started. I got confirmation of this through an email sent via Nintendo and WiiConnect24 this morning. It's a simple process of jumping on the Mario Kart Wii Channel and choosing to partake in the comp which is a test of speed and endurance. Basically, you're charged with getting the best time in a VS Race on the set course. Once you're happy with your time, you can submit it to Nintendo to try and reign supreme Mario Kart Wii Commander, or something.

I've only had a little bash at this so far, but given the game was released not very long ago at all, it's great to see such early support in building the community. Too bad the stupid Blue Shell is allowed to mess it all up for you as well.

Toad FTW!

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Posted 03:52pm 06/5/08
Too bad my Wii ethernet adapter hasn't turned up in the mail yet, hopefully soon. Any idea how long the comp is open for?
Posted 03:55pm 06/5/08
awesome idea

however when you see how fast the good times are, its postively soul destroying

i look forward to other awesome competition ideas though!

ive mentioned it a few hundred times in the other thread, but mk's online experience is awesome;

battle (which i havent even played)
racing (great on its own, even more fun with 2 players)
and the best bit
updateable times and ghosts on time trial
this game just has so much to give!!!!!

comp is open until 10/05

Posted 03:56pm 06/5/08
I submitted my first time from my first try last not, not realising that it was terribly crap. will try some more tonight.

i'm betting the winner has an awesome box run.
Posted 04:00pm 06/5/08
to get a decent time, you really need to pickup 3 mushrooms on the first corner, and take the shortcut 3 times

that means doging chomp (easy when you know where he will be)

and not have the bad guys pickup anything that will affect you, while you cant defend yourself with any bananas/green/red shells

and you have to drive the perfect race using a heavy guy on the fast bike

it can be done, i reckon i could get top ten in aus, but it just means lots of resets and restarts and getting lucky (as well as havin the mad skillz)
Posted 04:10pm 06/5/08
Is it me or is the comp being VS instead of time trial stupid ?
Posted 04:13pm 06/5/08
either way we arent going to win it;

check the fastest times on any track, you'd be lucky to be within 20 seconds of it
Posted 04:14pm 06/5/08
I think VS is the better format. we already know who the fastest in australia is on this track for time trial.
Posted 06:06pm 06/5/08
have played this quiet a bit so far, best time submitted is 1min 50secs. Im using DK and the flame flyer or something.

Yea gotta get either star/golden/3mushroom at the start, and then take shortcut over the jump.

perfect race then on out, shooting goombas for the mushrooms and u gotta restart if u get hit by a blue/lightning/POW

Posted 06:56pm 06/5/08
Is it just me or do the bikes piss everyone else off. They are just too fast, all the fast times are done with bikes.

Yes, I could just use a bike and try and beat them but I though it was called mario KART not mario bike. Why cant you check the fastest time with each class of vehicle? (or can you?)

I dont like how the bikes handle, the just dont seem as fun to race with.
Posted 09:01pm 06/5/08
yer, i agree

and i dont like that there appears to be no penalty for taking the big guys

they seem to corner just as well as the little guys

sort of defeats teh purpose

a lot of the fast times on tracks seem to be done by cheaty ways also, which i dont like, i prefer to go fast on the track .. .
Posted 10:37pm 06/5/08
slightly OT but with 2-4 player VS mode on the local console, can you set it to only be the 2-4 human players, e.g. no AI karts?

Have to say I also agree with bikes, makes the game feel a lot less balanced. The addition of bikes I reckon would have been cooler as a side thing like mission mode was on the DS, speaking of which I was hoping would be included in the Wii version but no such luck.
Posted 12:09am 07/5/08
Couple of things:

- very nasty cheat circulating, which allows you to simply complete two laps and then quit the game (stop, face backward at the finish line and exit the race). It appears to only affect time trial though. Nintendo are deleting any times/ghosts submitted using this cheat, thankfully.

- luck is the key with this race...a bullet and then a gold mushie will help

- there seems to be a LOT of Rosalina+Rosalina bike ghosts out there..

- you can 'survive' a POW. Just shake your wheel (or whatever your controller's trick move is) constantly when a POW is about to hit. You'll lose your items but won't spin out

I maintain that 90 seconds for that race is impossible to all but the cyborgs in Japan. (which comprise most of the top ten)
Posted 06:32am 07/5/08
- you can 'survive' a POW. Just shake your wheel (or whatever your controller's trick move is) constantly when a POW is about to hit. You'll lose your items but won't spin out


id noticed that sometimes a pow didnt stop you, i know if you are mid air they dont affect you, so id been hopping like mad when they were incoming!
Posted 07:27am 07/5/08
I realy hope they make some kart only comps, the bikes just s*** me.
Posted 08:14am 07/5/08
ive just given up on the karts and started using the bikes

they are just different, takes a bit of learning and you are away;

again, there doesnt seem to be any real disadvantage to using them, only advantages;
Posted 08:29am 07/5/08
The only disadvantage is that the mini-turbo is less powerful. This is more than made up for with the wheelie-on-demand system that is omgstupid. Seriously. That ability needs a cooldown or something. :)

(but at least it helps unlocking some of the more insane goodies in the game)

I should get around to adding people...so they can start pounding my face into the ground.
Posted 11:29am 07/5/08
i know if you are mid air they dont affect you, so id been hopping like mad when they were incoming!

Heh, I;ve been doing the same thinng, always hoping if i timed it just right, that little bit of air would save me because I've seen the AI karts avoid it and couldn't work out how the hell they did it.

Thanks for the tips creepy.
Posted 12:48am 08/5/08
3280 9376 1063 6822 is my wii number if anyone wants to add and race sometime.

It's a bag of fun for sure. I never used to like battle mode until now, so awesome. Dynamic levels too.
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