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Post by trog @ 08:44pm 23/04/08 | 12 Comments
Sony Australia have tonight confirmed they're releasing a PlayStation 3/Grand Theft Auto 4 bundle
Sony Computer Entertainment Australia (SCE Aust.) today confirmed the release of an official Grand Theft Auto IV bundle exclusively for PLAYSTATION3 (PS3).The bundle, available on May 1, 2008, will consist of a PLAYSTATION3 40GB model, a SIXAXIS wireless controller and a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, the latest title in the genre-defining Grand Theft Auto franchise, all for just $749.95 (RRP). We are delighted to offer the millions of PS3 and GTA fans the ultimate gaming package, said David Reeves, President, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

grand theft auto 4playstation 3

Latest Comments
Posted 09:28pm 23/4/08
They say that as though it's cheap.
Posted 09:29pm 23/4/08
Wouldnt a ps3 fan already have a ps3?
Posted 09:49pm 23/4/08
No DLC for ps3.
sif greazy
Posted 12:06am 24/4/08
You're asking the wrong question Bah, not all GTA fans have PS3's.
Posted 01:46pm 24/4/08
To most people, GTA3 is a PS2 game right. Some of those people with PS2s who love GTA will now be looking for a new system. Giving them everything they want in one box seems like a smart (if somewhat obvious) move to me.
Posted 02:41pm 24/4/08
^^ Most people are idiots. It's amazing how many people (many of whom already own Xbox 360s) are buying PS3s so they can play GTA4.

Besides, the 360 + GTA4 + Halo 3 bundle looks like a better deal anyway.
Posted 04:06pm 24/4/08
If that is happening, that's the fault of the MS Marketing people
Posted 10:04pm 24/4/08
Hah, I remember watching a video saying that GTA4 will be released 1st on the 360. still not going to buy it thoe.
Posted 10:04am 25/4/08
I'm actually selling my Wii just to help purchase this bundle & get in on the GTA4 action.

After watching that leaked intro vid I'm pretty pumped for this release.
Posted 01:36pm 25/4/08
Out of curiosity, why are you buying the PS3 bundle and not the 360 bundle?
Posted 11:56am 26/4/08
^ They really seem neck & neck in processing power / graphics etc. I would gladly pay a lot less for a 360, it's just that all my mates who have 360s have had problems with them.

* My brother's 6 month old unit has dropped dead.
* A mate at work bought & immediately returned two defective units before getting a 'good' one (which has been fine since). This was ~9 months ago.

To be honest I don't really care about blueray & all the games I'm interested in will be available on both platforms (Fallout III, GTA, Skate etc).
Posted 12:06pm 26/4/08
i cant see how u would wanna sell ur wii now bassman. for so long there was a drought in the games that were available, but now with MarioKart Wii out and the ability to import SSBB its just got a whole lot better.

ive been playing both those 2 games over the last week and couldnt be happier.

gta4 does look good tho :-p
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