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Post by trog @ 03:39pm 16/04/08 | 40 Comments
If you're into hardware at all, you've probably seen the Asus eeePC, which is taking the world by storm with its ultra-portable lines and low price (helped in no small part by its choice of Linux as the operating system - so no Microsoft tax). A lot of people have been hanging out for the next version - the 900 edition - which features a bigger screen as well as a few other bells and whistles (including a MacBook-style multi-touch trackpad). It also comes in two flavours - Windows (12gb storage) or Linux (20gb).

Asus have confirmed the tech specs for the upcoming device, and Engadget have mentioned that we should be able to expect it out here in Australia next month.


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Posted 05:17pm 16/4/08
thing is... If you buy the linux version, you have to use linux!

Sweet! Where do I sign up?

Looks like a good platform to do wardriving on.

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Posted 06:33pm 16/4/08
They seem to have pulled the press release. update or not, its back now

Its a weird ol' world when Linux is being flamed as the operating system for people who can't use computers.

Update 2: Here's a review http://www.trustedreviews.com/notebooks/review/2008/04/16/Asus-Eee-PC-900/p1

I'll definitely be counting my pennies if it comes in at (my guess) $599

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Posted 10:42pm 17/4/08
ive seen one of these in catalogs must be the other model
people will be screamy if they get the windows version because of the low specs
and the build of the linux os i dont like id prefer more of an ubuntu feel
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