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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:38am 15/04/08 | 9 Comments
The E3 hyperbole has started, and not a moment too soon. The annual Electronics Entertainment Expo is creeping up fast (July 15-17), and while the industry still works towards balancing the difference in time for release of information regarding their products (the event used to be held every May until last year where it debuted in June), the industry at large clutches to any type of news they can get - especially rumours.

Every year prior to the massive event, the rumour mill begins its rounds with whispers of everything from the smallest, most likely outcome to the absolutely ludicrous (anyone remember the Phantom Console?). As you would expect this year is no different and so we'll start our own rumour coverage with a reasonably likely concept.

Bloomberg Japan is reporting that Nintendo will likely unveil brand-new DS technology at the event in the form of an update for the uber-popular hand-held sans GBA slot (to reduce size), with potentially bigger screens and improved overall sound. It makes a lot of sense for these changes to be made to the system, which is why we're hoping the rumour is true. Apparently the Bloomberg source is none other than giant Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu (who themselves are well known for crafting pretty decent rumours).

As is the case for anything of this nature, proof will come when the event arrives, however, if any evidence should rear its head before July 15-17, we'll let you know.

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:23am 15/4/08
ah, so this is a double-edged sword for you then Raven, because they'll prob remove the GBA slot, but as a result make the system smaller and lighter...
Posted 05:51pm 15/4/08
I have not problem with the current model of DS, lasts at least 10 hours, does what i want it to do, its as compact as the psp.

Although; i've never used the GBA slot. kinda bought a DS to play DS games...
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