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Post by trog @ 11:04am 10/04/08 | 14 Comments
Rockstar have released a brief statement about the Australian edition of GTA4:
While there are some minor differences between the Australian and US/EU versions, they are not significant and we do not believe they take away from the level of scope and detail that make GTA IV such an incredible experience. We would not release the game in Australia if we believed these differences compromised the quality of the game in any way.
They also encourage the government to create an R18+ rating for games.

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Posted 01:35am 11/4/08
well, hopefully s***** EA don't buy them out.
Posted 10:59pm 11/4/08
What I want to know is whether the changes made to the Aussie version will affect our ability to play multiplayer with either the US or EU.
Posted 02:22am 12/4/08
I was thinking more along the lines of Aussies with US/UK copies. =)
Posted 04:52pm 12/4/08
I'm not waiting around, i'll be grabbing my Aus release on the 29th.
I'm 29 and couldn't give two hoots about what is missing, especially if I don't know what it is.

Having said that though, Australia REALLY needs a better classification system for games....

Put the onus back on the parents and stop punishing average Joe, which I'm led to believe is 28 in this country.
Posted 08:55pm 13/4/08
Bah: It'd be pointless for Rockstar to do that, because like Windows, it's also very easy to create a player profile on the PS3 that's located in another country. (this is done to access different PlayStation stores online)
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