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Post by trog @ 10:14am 07/04/08 | 32 Comments
While the core focus of AusGamers has always been about gaming, we know that there's a bunch of other stuff that a lot of gamers are interested in - technology, software, applications, almost anything to do with the Internet, music, movies - the list goes on - and we've taken care to post about things that we think would be of particular interest to gamers.

Something that has always been a big deal for gamers is how to get the most of of their broadband. From the early days of the 300mb download limit on BigPond's initial cable service to now where there's a lot more choice and a lot more competition, it has always been important to know how you can save your precious bytes and really work your connection to the max.

We're starting a series of articles about how to get more out of your ISP by taking advantage of services (gaming related and otherwise) that you might not be aware of, and we're starting with Internode's recently re-launched USEnet service. If you're on Internode, you might want to check out our article, How to use Internode's USENet service.


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Posted 04:32pm 07/4/08
I first learnt about usenet when I came over to dsl land in early 06 (fcking dialup from early 1996/7 - 14.4 was the start..:S). I stayed with bit torrent for about 2-3 weeks, learnt usenet and have never looked back.

Constant max speeds, no need to worry about seeders, no need to worry about uploading ANYTHING and a bigger, more up to date resource of all movies, tv eps, games, app's and just about anything else that bit torrent can pump up.

Even if your not with node, go google astraweb and get yourself a 90 gig block account. For $25 bux you can use that 90 gig's whenever you want without fear of it ever expiring.

P.S is a top top search engine (it costs to use it but its a few dollars for over a months worth of access)
Posted 05:11pm 07/4/08
I have had access to private and public trackers. On a 512 connection and a pissy 128 upload rate there was no way I could constantly go through a whole file with max speeds.

This is where usenet destroys BT for me personally. On 512 I constantly hit my max (53Kb).

The worst things about the sites you talk about are the fact that often ratio is metered. I remember on a private site I had to keep an ratio of at least 1.0 or risk getting kicked out. Pfft.

I've had experience and still browse torrent sites, and often I might cross reference a file just out of interest. Often that file would have been on usenet a few days to a few weeks.

Another plus which i didn't state was the actual validity of the files. Noobs are less likely to understand how to upload binaries and hence there is I've found a fair bit less dodgy virus infected files to be found. In fact I've only ever encountered one. Obviously a BT private tracker might have a decent track record of validity in its files but then again comes the negative of keeping a ratio. Something that doesn't exist in usenet.
Posted 06:55pm 07/4/08
Post by trog @ 06:24pm
Stop trying to be reasonable Fallen, you madman!

I reckon. Usenet is better :P

No, most of the sites I'm talking about have no ratio

A private torrent site with no ratio tracking system? Hrmm, I do have my doubts.

Regardless, BT lovers stay with BT, I'll continue loving my free (use)nodenet.
Posted 11:13am 08/4/08
short answer, with TPG, you set up an account on giganews and set it up with the above guide. if your budget doesnt gravitate towards $30/month, try astraweb or a pay-per-gb service.

ISP usenet services block most alt.binaries groups and they also block packets of a certain size, so there's no point in using them to access any file greater than 50kb/100kb, they won't "exist" on your ISP's free usenet service.

and as for SABnzbd, you can also visit for your TV fix, and Newzbin/ for more content. you can also get a Firefox/Greasemonkey Plugin to use with , a much better service than, but it is much more expensive to set up, and costs about $30/year just to index files on usenet (but with membership, you get access to both newzbin/newzxxx. however justifiable the price , they do a good job of filtering content, and you can also use the categories for downloads to help sort files out.
Posted 01:37pm 08/4/08
ISP usenet services block most alt.binaries groups and they also block packets of a certain size, so there's no point in using them to access any file greater than 50kb/100kb, they won't "exist" on your ISP's free usenet service.

"BUZZZ" Wrong. ISP's block what the feds ask them to block. And if your desperate to get uncensored usenet access to sick newsgroups dealing with child porn and the such then thats when you might not want to use an isp provided usenet service.

That also being the case, you could expect a door knock by the cops.

I've freely had access to alt.binaries.multimedia, divx, xvid, games, apps, movies you name it through nodes giganews and astraweb usenet.

P.S Your also wrong about the packet size crap.
Posted 02:17pm 08/4/08
I think he means they voluntarily block binary groups so they don't have to deal with the traffic. Many ISPs (happily/voluntarily) carry the text-only groups as they're still awesome discussion forums.
..Retract comment if above is right:)

Post by Dan @ 01:51pm

they're still awesome discussion forums.

You're kidding, right?
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