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Post by Dan @ 02:56pm 04/04/08 | 72 Comments
The Age's Screen Play blog is reporting that contrary to previous assurances from Rockstar, The Australian release of Grand Theft Auto 4 will indeed be edited in order to slip under the Office of Film and Literature Classification's MA15+ classification bar.
A Rockstar spokesperson confirmed to Screen Play yesterday that the company had produced a special version of GTA IV to comply with the Australian classification system, which does not currently contain an R18+ rating, but declined to reveal what material had been cut.

The game has been rated R18+ by the British Board of Film Classification, New Zealand's OFLC and the German Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle. It has been rated M17+ by the Entertainment Software Rating board in North America.
This news comes while an R18+ rating for games in Australia is once again under consideration with a recent attorneys-general meeting bringing the matter to light.

It's likely the changes wont have a significant affect on gameplay, but that it needs any modification at highlights the need for a more all-encompassing rating system.

grand theft auto 4

Latest Comments
Posted 05:38pm 04/4/08
sigh, as usual.
Posted 08:51pm 04/4/08
What simul said.
Looks like another game i'll have to acquire from the intertubes.
Stupid Australia.
Posted 10:26pm 06/4/08
What about PS3 versions, what kind of regioning do they have on them? I assume we can't play NTSC copies of PS3 games on PAL PS3s, but does anyone know what the limitations are beyond that?
Posted 08:55pm 07/4/08
I'm pretty sure it's not illegal to think about importing a game...
Posted 09:45pm 07/4/08
The thing is, it hasn't been banned, there are rumors of things being cut out, but it hasn't been banned. I don't think it will be possible to prosocute people over things for the sole reason that the OFLC site says it is the original version, so without any extra study one would be lead to believe its fully legal to import it.
Posted 03:44am 09/4/08
Fpot: Actually, the game has been called "original" copy by the OFLC so basically they are saying that I could get it from anywhere else that has the original version.
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