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A new update for Team Fortress 2 has landed. Here's the changelog:
Team Fortress 2

* Removed sv_alltalk from the list of convars that affect custom server tags
* Fixed Demoman grenades not hurting the shooter if fired at point blank range against a target
* Fixed critical modifier for explosive weapons (rockets, pipe bombs) increasing critical chance more than intended
* Fixed Sudden Death "seconds have passed" string not including the amount of seconds that have passed
* Fixed Internet and Custom tabs in the Server Browser not correctly displaying the server information for servers when going back and forth between the two tabs
* Updated the URL used for the "Click for more info on custom servers" link on the Custom tab
* Fixed a crash for a sound channel getting created without wavedata
* Fixed Setup timer not showing the correct percentage in the circular progress bar
* Fixed being able to enter a "spectate" command in the client console to join team Spectator when mp_allowspectators is set to 0
* Fixed SourceTV servers not being displayed in the Spectate tab for servers with custom server tags
* Fixed servers with maxplayers <= 24 that are running SourceTV having the "increased_maxplayers" tag added for their server
* Added mp_tournament_restart command to be used with Tournament Mode (mp_tournament). This can be used at any time to return to the "Waiting for Teams" state
* When a tournament match ends it now returns to the "Waiting for Teams" state
As always, invoke the Steam gods to get the latest version.

team fortress 2

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