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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:40am 05/03/08 | 13 Comments
Well, anyone who didn't rush out and pick up the inferior mono Wii version of Guitar Hero III can rest easy as Activision have all but actually said sorry with their latest GH III pack for Nintendo's home console, which comes bundled with two wireless Les Paul guitars and a copy of the game. What's more important, however, is this version of Guitar Hero III for Wii is completely presented in stereo. Welcome to the modern age Wii owners (courtesy of a silly billy named Activision).

On top of this, the PC version of Guitar Hero III is due to be released in Australia on April 16. The game will come bundled with a wired X-Plorer guitar peripheral that will plug right into the PC.

Also, if you're out and about and see the brand Guitar Hero: Amplified being pushed at your local game store, don't be fooled. This is just an umbrella promotion from Activision to blanket the Guitar Hero name, it's not a new title encompassing all iterations of the series, although that probably would be a good idea (are you listening Acti?).

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:56pm 05/3/08
Or you could all wait for Rock Band:P
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:59pm 05/3/08
I'm heading to the US at the end of the month and have every intention of bringing it back :)
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:13pm 05/3/08
PS3 isn't region-locked for games, only movies ;)
Posted 05:04pm 05/3/08
so what about us poor suckers that bought the original and run it on our home theatres?
are we able to 'exchange' discs like they did overseas?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:58pm 05/3/08
Probably worth just contacting Activision
Posted 08:02pm 05/3/08
I know activision offered to replace the games by posting out a return post pack thing.. that hasn't been offered in australia yet afaik.
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