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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:23pm 18/02/08 | 0 Comments
In the wake of their announcement of Band Mashups, THQ have continued to roll out the Wii love with yet another exclusive title for Nintendo's home console. Deadly Creatures is an action/thriller title set in a desert locale where survival is your only option. The game sounds interesting, to say the least.
Deadly Creatures is an original action thriller title coming exclusively to the Nintendo Wii console in 2008. Developed internally by THQ’s critically acclaimed Rainbow Studios, Deadly Creatures throws players into a venomous world of desert terror, where the greatest victory is survival. Players will follow the entwined adventures of an armored scorpion and a stealthy tarantula as they struggle against a variety of creatures including vicious Gila monsters, tarantula wasps, black widows, and the most dangerous predator of all – Man. Deadly Creatures takes full advantage of the Wii’s unique motion-based control scheme and allows players to fully experience every pounce and tail sting.
See, interesting. Still seems with all of these recent Wii gaming announcements the little white box is a worthy investment and if developers and publishers can continue to utilise the Wii for unique, interesting and original games it can only be a good thing, right? The full press release for Deadly Creatures can be found here.

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