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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:18pm 25/01/08 | 54 Comments
You've been asking for it and we've been promising it. So, now, without further adieu and in celebration of this Australia Day Weekend, we're proud to present you with our Game of the Year feature: 2007: The Year That Was.... Which game will come out triumphant? Which game will come last? What platform is home to the best game of 2007?

Click here for answers to all of these questions and more (and don't be shy to let us know what you think).

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:43pm 25/1/08
Orange box has its own box in the feature as "Best Value for Money"
Posted 07:48pm 25/1/08
I agree with alot of the choices, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars as the #1 PC game is a bit much though... It shouldn't even be in the top 5.
Posted 08:01pm 27/1/08
ET:QW is what TF2 should have been.. this comes from a hardcore TFC'er that waited all that time.

ET:QW is where it's at.. 300 hours later i'm still saying it :P
Posted 10:58pm 28/1/08
Post by Moridin @ 08:01pm
ET:QW is what TF2 should have been.. this comes from a hardcore TFC'er that waited all that time.
..totally agree +1

ETQW as a FPS multiplayer experience is friggen wild.
Posted 01:56am 29/1/08
I gotta say, i wasn't impressed by CoD4...
I used to play CoD1 obsessively and was really into it, i didnt play much of CoD2, but from what i understand they just made the game "spammier", and ill say one thing about CoD4 when i played it.
Everybody just seems to spam grenades non-stop...it gets so freaking annoying i just gave up on it...
I just couldnt find it fun.

ETQW is awesome btw, you just need to get some people playing who know how to play their class right and its great fun.
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