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Post by Dan @ 10:55am 24/01/08 | 5 Comments
Making reparations for the recent Xbox Live downtime, Microsoft have offered up the acclaimed Xbox Live Arcade title Undertow as a free download.
Undertow features a 15 level campaign for single-player or co-op and two robust multiplayer modes for up to 16 players. While many of the maps have level-specific goals, the core gameplay of Undertow centers on this maxim: Kill as many enemies as you can and stay alive for as long as possible!
Early reports indicated some downloading issues with the free title but we had no such problems nabbing the 48MB download here in the office. Best hurry if you want in on the action though, as after 11:59 p.m. PST Sunday, January 27, Undertow returns to it's regular price of 800 MS points.

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Posted 03:15pm 24/1/08
I heard somewhere about them giving people their points back or a free game or something to those who already bought it. I dunno where the guy I heard it off got his information though.
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