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Post by Dan @ 10:28am 23/01/08 | 68 Comments
Another milestone for World of Warcraft was announced today, the big 10 million. That's 10,000,000 paying subscribers, the press release detailing the geographical breakdown as 2 million in Europe, over 2.5 million in North America and 5.5 million in Asia. Not sure exactly where we factor into that but hey, we still don't even have local servers.

So WoW's population is equal to half our whole country. At what point do we start getting worried?

Oh and there's a new (4MB) patch. Grab it right here from AusGamers files.

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Post by Raven @ 10:51am
I doubt that's 10 million active accounts. Would be interesting to know how many actually active accounts there are.

That number is made up of gamers who have a currently active subscription or pre-paid card, those who've bought the game and are enjoying their free month's access, or people who've accessed the game over the past 30 days. It doesn't count people using free promo subscriptions, expired pre-paid cards, or people whose subscriptions have expired or been cancelled.


Posted 12:09pm 23/1/08
My account is currently inactive cause once you get your shiny purples this isn't much else to do in WoW, the world pvp concept failed hard in BC, currently it's all instance based focused on small 2vs2 3vs3 arena fighting. This is suppose to be a world at war but all they are doing is spending all their resources developing content for the <1% of WoW gamers who are doing the very end content and trying to keep them happy and ignoring the majority who are tired of seeing the exact same pvp zones for years now. Resilience basically destroyed certain pvp specs while making others ridiculously hard to kill.

Depending how good conan or warhammer are will depend alot on if I get WoTLK
Posted 10:25pm 24/1/08
10,000,000 registered users since its inception. Blizzard will never tell you how many are current because I bet it would be dropping all the time. 5,500,000 from Asia alone says alot. At least they facilitate a high turnover in pay-now gimme-now players. Like Second Life is absolutely dominating the online gaming scene as they said it would. :P
Posted 11:44pm 25/1/08

I am WOW and I am PROUD. I dont have a problem. ROTFFLMFAO!

An opposing report
PC Games 14% of 2007 Retail Games Sales; World of Warcraft and Sims Top PC Sales Charts

The numbers, which do not take digital downloads into account, have Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft and EA Maxis' Sims franchises occupying six of the top ten spots. A complete run-down of the top PC games of 2007 follows:

Number ONE top seller...

1. World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade (Blizzard Entertainment) - 2.25 million

[Over the whole friggen year, like if I'm level 60, sure I'm not going to upgrade to get to level 70]

Okay, double that and it is still 50% short of the "10,000,000 ACTIVE subscribers"

The small print from Blizzard is important....

*Based on industry sell-through data, internal records, and reports from key distribution partners around the world.

Oh I believe them.

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