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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:10pm 11/12/07 | 13 Comments
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Another PS3 exclusive just in time for Xmas, and most certainly a game any PS3 owner should be wanting to know more about. With some of the most stunning visuals seen on the system yet alongside excellent sound, great characters and a cinematic movie-like story, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune could be the PS3 game to soothe any woes you've had for the system's releases thus far. Click here for our in-depth review.

From the review:
"Sony and Naughty Dog (Jak and Daxter) have come up trumps with an obvious action movie gaming reverence in the form of Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, a title that does just the above with no qualms about maintaining the more than obvious narrative, direction and foundational inspirations of its formation..."

Uncharted: Drake's FortuneSonyNaughty Dog

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:18pm 12/12/07
Posted 11:42pm 16/5/08
Fantastic gameplay and stunning sceneries this one especially for a newbie developer. Also very easy access controls.
Posted 11:45pm 16/5/08
Thread resurrection of the year.
Posted 12:03am 17/5/08
Newbie developer?
Posted 12:49am 17/5/08
you know i still havent even finished this, bought it, got to about what some would call the 2nd "level" and never got past it.
Posted 12:55am 17/5/08
Difficulty or apathy?
Posted 01:24am 17/5/08
I thought this game was pretty damn good.
Posted 02:07am 17/5/08
Yeah, I just bought a PS3 and got this game, and I'm really, really enjoying it. Its just good old fashioned fun :) And it looks pretty sexy too.
Posted 03:19am 17/5/08
Difficulty or apathy?

apathy for sure
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