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Post by trog @ 02:52pm 21/11/07 | 68 Comments
Valve have pushed out a new update for Team Fortress 2. From the changelog:
* Changed some networking code to help alleviate the lagouts some clients are experiencing
* Added sv_pure to the server, currently defaults to off. Type "sv_pure" in the console to get the full description
* Added DoAskConnect command to serverplugin sample
* Added server log entries for: Round_Start, Round_Setup_Begin, Round_Setup_End, Round_Overtime, Round_SuddenDeath, Round_Stalemate, Round_Win, Round_Length, Mini_Round_Selected, Mini_Round_Start, Mini_Round_Win, and Mini_Round_Length
* Server log entries for Round_Win and level changes will now detail the team scores and player counts
* Updated server log entries for flag captures to detail the number of captures and the tf_flag_caps_per_round value
* Removed some legacy math convars for turning off SSE/MMX
* Fixed terrain collision bug that allowed players to get under the terrain in some maps
* Fixed jump/taunt exploit
* Fixed Windows dedicated server running in -console mode moves its window to the front instead of the back upon startup
* Fixed Windows dedicated server bug (in -console mode) where typing anything in the console window was slow and tedious
* Fixed an error when updating name of 32nd player on server
* Fixed extra ascii 0x01 character at the beginning of " connected" console spew
* Fixed a bug that could cause a slight delay on engine startup
As always, you need to update through Steam.

team fortress 2

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Posted 08:30pm 21/11/07
As an original tfc'er for way too many years i applaud what valve have done with tf2. I'm glad they scrapped the original model for tf2 back in 2001..the screenshots looked like it s***.
Posted 10:58pm 21/11/07
games weren't designed to allow you to alt-tab...accept errors and stuff ups.
Posted 12:15pm 22/11/07
Man trog is really miffed at dying so often
Posted 07:46pm 22/11/07
Post by trog @ 12:30pm

Man trog is really miffed at dying so often

I just stopped playing it cuz its so boring anyway. The sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting to respawn is only a small part of why I don't like it - the absolute noob focus and slow gameplay is way worse (haha no clipping on other players, SOFT)

Quaker for life:) Time is freeing up for me to start playing etqw again...tf2 is great when i just want to go sniper for 20 mins and shoot some heads....but yes I reckon in the future they will speed tweak the players. Does feel like slow motion in certain maps.
Posted 08:09pm 22/11/07
Im a veteran TFCer (2002~2004/5) and I did a bit of Quakeworld TF in 1998 but not enough to get fully into Robin's creation. I always said Robin Walker and John Cook (don't listen to that Charlie Brown Valve promoter he has nothing to do with Robin's and John's TF -- he's a communist! HEHE!)

I always had HOPE (f***... faith its overrated) that TF2 would be awesome and it is. As for avanti. There is a map called: cp_avantiville_b3.bsp. It is still beta and looks like s*** but to say the least its playable. Warpath is now known as: cp_warpath_b3.bsp and WELL is known as: ctf_well_classic_b1.bsp

Rock2 is being worked upon but it looks like s***: ctf_rock2_beta.bsp - but it plays pretty much the same. Well in theory.

As for medic usage encouragement. There are a whole bunch of hidden cvars that Valve doesn't want you too touch I believe that making the uber slightly less charge up time might be the answer or making the medigun useful in some other way might be the answer. Most likely having to do with some coop effect but who knows. Maybe TF2 just works and thats a fact.

- Scales the damage a player does while being healed with the medigun.

- Constructing object health healed per second by the medigun.

- Amount of time healing it takes to fully charge the medigun.

- Amount of time it takes the a full charge of the medigun to be released.

As for 'competition' style aspects TF2 is in fact VERY GOOD for clan play. It does a lot of the stuff Crapper Strike doesn't do. It actually has a TEAMPLAY & whats more TACTICAL thing to it. All you would have to do is either base the score of whichever team wins and get rid of the stalemate thing. There is also a cvar for this which in theory is called tf_stupid_stalemate (once again hidden) which makes it so that only one team can win. Either that or you just run CTF maps and have the best of three captures.

If anyone says crits detract from competitive play just tell them it doesn't happen. In theory the more your scoring the slightly your critical chance is or the more you kill in a row the better your chance is. Well that's what I find anyway. A lot of supposed competitive players want crits removed, fact remains, that hardcore nubby will always blame something on death. Whether it be skill, practise, bulls*** or . I prefer the latter. Suck it up and take it like hell.

Also Robin Walker has specifically stated that crits are in there for the hardcore community or something along those lines.

Sorry Im getting off track what I was meant to be saying was...

mp_clan_ready_signal : 0 : , "sv" : Text that team leader from each team must speak for the match to begin
mp_clan_readyrestart : 0 : , "sv" : If non-zero, game will restart once someone from each team gives the ready signal

These two a VERY IMPORTANT for clan play cause it means everyone says they are ready to play. So you have a warm up match then you have the main match.

As for respawn time. If you think 12 seconds is a little bit too long. Well...


But personally I still say crits work and they work well.

Posted 08:35pm 22/11/07
In regards to new players and TF2. While I am here.

QWTF was good and all but once again old engines and old adages and the "I don't want to play games that look like crap crowd." now you get the idea.

As for Team Fortress Classic. Let me just say by 2004 or 2005. We were left with a 'modification/game/abomination' that had no competitive worth what-so-ever. It was unbalanced. We had medics capturing the flag, everything playing soldier, bunny hopping which has no place in a team based orientated game that has specific classes with speed limits for a reason. In short TFC had turned into a "who can bunny hop the fastest" deathmatch frag fest that didn't work somehow and in the end all that was left was the supposed "hardcore community" that was relying on old Quake DM code (exploit) to get the advantage.

Some people still bothered with TFC but were probably most likely turned away by the whole bunny hop issue. Sure grenade jumping anyone can learn but the bunny is another kettle of fish all together. Belongs in DM not Team Coop style thing. *g*

Graphically well I will let you ride that one out.

As for TF2. We have a string of constant fixes. A new gameplay type that anyone will be able to understand minus blind people and graphics that look like pixar still. Looks good. Looks like pixar. HAS NO BUNNY HOP SO-FAR (probably for good reason because the TF2 gameplay -- just works).

According to Valve Stats

Team Fortress 2
4,981 Players
4,427 Servers
321.652 million player minutes per month.

TeamFortress Classic
264 Players
342 Servers
16.447 million player minutes per month

and finally for a good laugh we have:

Fortress Forever well that is barely a blip on the radar.


If someone can get the full list (I keep losing it and my mind... let me know)
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