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Post by trog @ 10:14am 06/11/07 | 12 Comments
There's been a bit of speculation recently about Google announcing a new "gPhone". Well, they didn't, but what they've announced is something that I think is way cooler - the Open Handset Alliance and Android, an open source mobile device platform. They have a brief YouTube overview which will give you a bit of an overview.


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Posted 10:28am 06/11/07
very f*****g cool :D

also look at their partners/alliances, they are going to revolutionise mobiles I'd say
Posted 10:33am 06/11/07
Its not April the 1st is it?? No, good, cause this will be great :)
Posted 10:34am 06/11/07
I bet Nokia is wetting their panties.
Posted 11:09am 06/11/07
^^ Yeah notice a few other *major* handset makers are not in the alliance namingly Nokia, SonyEricsson, Palm (not that they have a major market share any more) and RIM.

I think Microsoft (and other mobile OS software makers) must be s***ting themselves *majorly* at this alliance. I reckon even more so than the above hardware handset makers, because at the end of the day this really is just software. The handset makers stand to benefit if they join the alliance I think because since it's Open they won't have to pay major loyalty fees to MS (and Symbian) and reduced their internal R&D for the new handset.

Very interesting if it'll pan out, I mean the last big alliance pitching against Redmond's passport service sort of fizzled out but this is different I think (hope).
Posted 02:18pm 06/11/07
This is a good start but it's the mobile business. Developing for mobiles is developer hell and until the huge players get on board...

Non-Alliance Member Response
Posted 03:42pm 06/11/07
I think it's funny that Microsoft ".. don't understand the impact that they are going to have."

Well.. remember how you destroyed netscape by giving away their product for free? Well in five years no one's going to buy windows mobile any more, the only way phones will include it is if you give it away for free.

That's the impact it is going to have. Your s*****, reboot every week, battery draining, clumsy mobile operating system isn't going to directly make money for you any more. Because your biggest competitor is giving theirs away for free, it'll be more stable, more useable and just do the job right.

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Posted 04:46pm 06/11/07

Microsoft response: "I don't understand the impact that they are going to have."

LOL kinda like they didn't really understand the whole "Internet" thing but spend billions trying to catchup. Same with search engine, social networking, online ads, open source software movements. I'd say they'd better get an better a lot phat lewt to gain a better understanding of this impact.
Posted 04:52pm 06/11/07
I watched the video about Android but still have no clue what it is...
Posted 05:04pm 06/11/07
its a dog on a chair.
Posted 07:18pm 06/11/07
I watched the video about Android but still have no clue what it is...

I'll sum it up for you.

It means you'll be able to download porn on your phones easily.
Posted 07:24pm 06/11/07
Hah thanks.
Posted 07:36pm 06/11/07
This and opensocial.. haha google is slowly but surely going to own the world..
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