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Post by Dan @ 05:00pm 28/09/07 | 44 Comments
It's not often that Australian consumers receive an a-list movie before our North American counterparts but for whatever reason, that's what's happened with Activision's Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Now available nation-wide for PC multiplayer goodness and locally hosted servers are up and running to boot.

Some of us here at AusGamers were fortunate enough to participate in the game's private beta testing and it has been a great experience watching the game transform as it was polished up for release. Click here to find out our thoughts on the final retail game in our in-depth review of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - spoiler: it's a worthy addition to the Quake franchise.

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Posted 09:47am 29/9/07
Best multiplayer i've played since Q3. Its got a proper structured storyline (..never seen that in any mutliplayer FPS), unique sides (to master both sides, vehicles and deployables is going to hours and hours of fun times!) and fantastic graphics.

TF2 is great for the usual 'cap cap cap' multiplayer, etqw offers so much more.
Posted 09:38pm 29/9/07
This game is not very polished compared to 2142, or even the previous quakes. Like for goodness sake there is NO joystick support unless you fart arse around in manual bindings. Also setting up a local LAN is an absolute shocker unless you knew how to setup the server launcher. Its got so much promise, but really missed out with the basics.
Posted 03:50pm 02/10/07
Just went out and bought it.. my first store bought software in years.. now i just gotta learn 10 new maps :P
Posted 08:27pm 02/10/07
managed to get player to move using joystick..

the rest is fubar.. can get yaw on heli to bind to twist axis

throttle will not bind tho..

.. no matter the game is so pissant boring, runs like crapp and maps feel empty


the game is as polished as thier interface
Posted 12:06am 04/10/07
If you are using dual screen monitors on nvidia drivers set performance mode to single display.

FPS back to normal :) works on both 7800gt and 8800gts and probably everything nvidia of those generations.
Posted 02:10pm 09/10/07
Played the demo quite a bit, dunno which part this review was talking about for the bots, cause they are retarded, with problems interacting with 'live' players and vehicles, lack of co-ordination when it comes to objectives (ever see the engineer get d***ed over at his objective because all the other bots are stuffing around elsewhere and not providing cover) If you want to see good bot co-operation then I would watch the NPC's in Stalker or Play ut2004 as it's bots can play as a team with a LOT more success. Also the maps are pretty stock standard and the graphics is substandard compared to any modern game such as Stalker, Bioshock.

Add to this the 'instant bullet' issue, the fact that leading a target only makes you miss.

All in all, if this was released for $50, then I might consider buying it, however as a $89 -$99 game it is a pretty dodgy release. I have had quite a few returns on this game since it was released, and a 9.0 rated game should not be able to do that, heck even Doom 3 didn't do that and that is now one of our least bought games.
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