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Post by trog @ 07:54pm 18/09/07 | 125 Comments
The Team Fortress 2 beta-test is now available for those that have pre-ordered the Half-Life 2 Orange Box. 6 maps and 3 game types are on offer. You'll need to fire up Steam and shell over US$50 to get into the game.

team fortress 2

Latest Comments
Posted 09:34pm 18/9/07
great fun
Posted 12:20am 19/9/07
Got home from work, started playing at 7... now its almost 12.30 and I want more!!!!!!!!!

This is very good, and worth every dollar!!! Id pay 54$ just for this alone!

It doesnt even play like a beta, i've only noticed 1 bug which i've reported, otherwise this is very polished, almost as if this was released final!

Runs very well, the graphics are very nice but no dynamic lights... 100+ fps with all settings max 1920res (8800gtx, 3ghz c2d).

Very very good! After playing the quare wars demo which was good, I probably wont go back to that... this is so much more fun! And the team work seems to be a lot stronger, medics helping, engy setting up teleports... people talking over mic and overall just a good atmosphere!

Posted 07:35am 19/9/07
Well, all these comments have sold it for me. I'm gonna buy it later today!
Posted 12:47pm 19/9/07
Backed TF2 up and steam produced a 6gb file, 4.3gb compressed!

The download will be different, it uses the source engine so if you already have any of the HL2 titles you will only probably download 1.5 to 2gb.... I didnt have any so mine was almost 5gb download!

Well worth every $ and Mb :)
Posted 04:40pm 19/9/07
Game of the year? Definatley :)

I highly reccomend this to anyone who likes online fps it's a blast!

TF2 FTW!!!!!
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