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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:32pm 05/09/07 | 14 Comments
The eGames Expo is back and will be making yet another appearance in Melbourne on the 16th, 17th and 18th of November. The event is going to be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre and should host a huge number of companies vying for ultimate product exposure. No official list of exhibitors has been revealed yet, but you can check out their website here. We'll keep you updated though and will also be in full attendance when the event rolls around.

From the press release:
Key features of eGames 2007 will include:

  • All the big brands, including PS3, Wii and Xbox.
  • New product launches from leading suppliers and the opportunity to buy the latest products at the show.
  • A central stage area featuring an ongoing schedule of keynote addresses, information sessions and entertainment.
  • Designated lounge areas for general game play and specific eSport competition games zones.
  • Presentations and information on careers in the games and entertainment industry.
  • The Game Developers Association of Australiaís (GDAA) Game Connect Asia Pacific Conference will run concurrently with eGames 2007, providing benefits to both visitors, in particular from a careers and educational aspect in game development.
Great to see Australia taking the booming gaming industry seriously, and equally great to see the gaming industry taking Australia seriously.


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Posted 05:58pm 05/9/07
not again :( 2 words i have for yous "DON'T GO!!!" last years one in Melbourne was the crapest thing ever could walk around it all in 3mins was hoping to see something like g3 expo in USA but was let down big time :( ended up leaving after 15mins and going to the crown for drinks . which i can say was more fun :)
Posted 12:12am 06/9/07
I had a very similar experience as Bonez did, last year. Though, mind you, I arrived 50mins before closing time so I was eager to see everything in 50mins. Needless to say 5mins was all that was needed.

I'll give the eGames Expo one more chance, but only to support the industry. This year they'd better have more developer stands, more presentations of upcoming games and more giveaways (the Microsoft guy wouldn't give me one of the free Gears of War 360 faceplates at the end of the day... b*stard)! I may even stay for the presentations on the stage if they're not media drivel, but I shouldn't have my hopes up...

Posted 03:59am 06/9/07
I liked the AGDC (Australian Game Developers Conference) back 04/05'? (and I suck at remembering years, I will admit it.) LAN Event was good and of course Valve had just released HL2DM back then so everyone was playing Half Life 2 Deathmatch, Unreal Tournament 2004 and barely no Counter Strike at the LAN and what's more Robin Walker came 'back' to Melbourne and gave an awesome talk on the Half Life 2 engine. Very good talk it was too. Just how to use the scripting functions in the Half Life 2 engine and some of the other scripting functions in the engine that could be used map developer/entity wise.

I don't think I went to the Autosalon when it was on. Probably didn't go for one obvious reason. Too many Erin McNoughts (who can't game for jack and are just a media boofhead personality) roaming (*cough* mindlessly drooling like a stone dead hippy *cough*) around the autosalon. Not to say everyone is a boofhead but jeez, that piece of modelling hip-young-girl-thing on Cybershack (Channel 10) grinds my patience. Fuzzy the cute afro with the awesome attitude got shifted to Video Hits. Not the world's smartest move. Fuzzy was funky, Erin "McZero" McNought on Cybershack and jeez what a waste of time that was.

Stupid modelling nympho killed it. She probably doesn't even write her own script. I am willing to bet "The Fuzz" wrote her own script.

Gaming yuppified. Think about it.

Well enough of the bad. I am sure the autosalon will be like E3 once was. Loud pounding thumping music, a whole lot of slack jawwed yokels and booth babes to draw in the crowd. If it turns into this. I am so not there.

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Posted 10:25pm 06/9/07
Beam Software, Melbourne House, Infogrames Melbourne House, Atari Melbourne House, and now Krome Studios Melbourne!? Melbourne House could possibly receive the award for the games developer with the most name changes!
Posted 09:25pm 04/6/09
working at melbourne house
Posted 09:40pm 04/6/09
how many gaming companies does australia have? I thought it would be a handful of successful ones?
Posted 09:44pm 04/6/09

talk about thread revival
Posted 10:03pm 04/6/09
working at melbourne house
I often wonder what possesses someone to create an account, dig up an old thread and post something pointless. Are they trying to troll? I don't understand.
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