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Post by trog @ 03:15pm 25/08/07 | 36 Comments
Every time I hear about a gamer having problems with a game they've bought because of an excessively aggressive DRM system, I cry a little. Inwardly of course, so people don't think I'm some sort of weirdo. Sadly, many user are having problems with BioShock, having bought the game and not being able to play it while they wait for it to be activated (before you can play it you need to activate it over the Internet). There's also a lot of reports of people having problems reinstalling or putting it on other machines.

For people having problems or people considering buying BioShock, I've written a brief article about the problem and looked at the issues of DRM in games in general, which might be of interest.

Update: Contrary to some unfortunately popular belief, BioShock does not have a rootkit. This rumour was spread by some blog site, the author admitting he added the dreaded 'r' word to increase Google rankings.


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Posted 12:00am 27/8/07
I bought the collectors problems, installing, patching or auth my copy.
Posted 02:22pm 27/8/07
It will forever be remembered as a sweet game with all the bulls*** protection problems.
...ERGHHH No it won't.

99% of ppl have forgotten the BS problems valve had during the Hl2 launch...yet hl2 is still remembered as a 'sweet' game.

Everyone has forgiven valve...
Everyone will forgive 2k...

Calm..the fsck down
Posted 07:07pm 27/8/07
And thats the bottom line. This activation process has successfully at the moment prevented piracy.
Posted 05:13pm 29/8/07
cried a little. its ok. nobody else does.
to make sacurotum work. open up ur system. let it ALLL in.
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