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Post by trog @ 02:02am 25/08/07 | 11 Comments
The World in Conflict demo has landed! Grab it locally from AusGamers. World in Conflict differs from the normal RTS games in that it actually has a dedicated server, so check your local haunts for Aussie servers near you.

world in conflict

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Posted 02:18am 25/8/07
Awesome, me not going to sleep FTW!!
Posted 03:14am 25/8/07
Ahhh lucky I decided to check ausgamers before bed! Looks like im not the only one lurking at night :)
Posted 03:35am 25/8/07
Just wondering what speeds everyone is getting from Ausgamers? Just started the demo and its going at aout 400kb/sec, is this ok for 3.30am on a friday night? I just got ADSL2+ yesterday so still new to higher speed broadband.

When i first got it, did a test on the bioshock demo at 2pm thursday and it was 880kb/sec... maybe more leechers at night?
Posted 04:58am 25/8/07
Ok I should have gone to sleep but I was too tempted to try it!

Only did the tutorial as its 5am but it seems like a lot of fun! I really love the graphics and sound in this game, and it runs quite ok too... There is a HUGE amount of realistic looking smoke which doesnt seems to slow the pc much, though not sure how other pcs would fair.

Overall it got me hooked and I'll be trying the other parts of the demo tomorrow.

The benchmark gave me 38average fps at 1680x1050 on max settings using core2duo 3ghz, 2gb ram and 8800gtx. Lowest fps was 18 :O when the heavy nuke hit! The smoke / explosions are a bit over the top, could kill some older systems.

Posted 05:07am 25/8/07
the nuke is definately killer :(
Posted 04:40am 26/8/07
Well tried to play the single player campaign.... it crashes the pc. After a few min it locks the pc up, have to do a hard restart. Tried 4 times now.....

I tried the tutorial again and it plays 100%..... so dissapointing.... Also played bioshock, GRAW2 and supcom today, no problems.
Posted 04:49am 26/8/07
Well at least im not the only one, a friend of mine with an SLI setup is getting a similar crash, but later on in the single player, but is fine in tutorial!

I also found this tech support page for the demo, seems A LOT of people are getting this problem.

Are games these days being rushed out? or is dx10 causing problems even in dx9 mode?

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