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Hot from QuakeCon comes the announcement of id Software's anticipated announcement about their next title. No real information yet, but no doubt more will filter out, especially as they've apparently shown a video of it at QuakeCon.

Also announced is id's second foray into the world of movies:
Hollenshead revealed plans for id Softwares second video game-to-feature film project: Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Academy Award-winning screenwriter, Roger Avary, will write and direct the Return to Castle Wolfenstein live action motion picture. Avarys credits include Pulp Fiction, The Rules of Attraction and the upcoming Beowulf. The project re-teams Avary and producer Samuel Hadida who worked together most recently on last years box office winner Silent Hill. Hadida has had success with video games having produced the Resident Evil series. Other news included:
On second read I also noticed the following:
* QUAKE Arena Arcade: Coming to Xbox Live in partnership with Microsoft and Pi Studios.
* Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars On Shelves: The game is slated to be on North American store shelves on October 2, 2007
* Wolfenstein: Fans were given an update on id Softwares new Wolfenstein title in development by Raven Software for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 with multiplayer by Threewave Software.
* In-the-Works: id Software then unveiled plans for a project codenamed QUAKE Zero, an exciting new version of QUAKE Arena driven by a web front end and completely free to gamers that is being developed by a new internal team at id Software.
So, a bunch of pretty awesome news for id/Quake/Wolf/ET fans today. Quake Zero sounds pretty interesting!

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Posted 01:19pm 04/8/07
Yeh the rage video looks awesome...Can't wait for the Wolf movie:)
Posted 09:36pm 04/8/07
Nah Silent Hill was surprisingly good. It's only problem was that it was too close to the source material.
Posted 06:21pm 05/8/07
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