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Kicking off 2022 in Games
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:37pm 27/07/07 | 10 Comments
ScoreHero recently scored a trip to Neversoft to see the latest build of Guitar Hero III post E3, and have revealed some new tracks to appear in the game. ZZ Top's "La Grange", Red Hot Chilli Peppers' "Suck My Kiss", Iron Maiden's "Number Of The Beast" and Dragonforce's "Through The Fire And The Flames" are the four new numbers (I'm most excited for Maiden out of this lot), and it's worth noting, only ZZ Top is a cover, the rest are all original, master recordings.

These tracks join an amazingly robust list of songs already announced which include:

Alice Cooper "School's Out" (Cover)
Beastie Boys "Sabotage" (Master)
Foghat "Slowride" )Cover)
Guns N' Roses "Welcome To The Jungle" (Master)
Heart "Barracuda" (Cover)
Kiss "Rock N Roll All Nite" (Cover)
Living Colour "Cult Of Personality" (Master)
Muse "Knights of Cydonia" (Master)
Pearl Jam "Evenflow" (Master)
Priestess "Lay Down" (Master)
Rolling Stones "Paint It Black" (Master)
Smashing Pumpkins "Cherub Rock" (Master)
Tenacious D "The Metal" (Master)
The Scorpions "Rock You Like A Hurricane" (Cover)
Weezer "My Name Is Jonas" (Master)

Yours truly got to play a number of these tracks from E3, including Paint It Black, My Name is Jonas and Evenflow - all originals, and all sounding (and playing) amazingly. The race for rhythm game king is on between Activision's Guitar Hero series and the upstart Rock Band from EA and Harmonix, but the real winners here are us, because we get so many rad songs to rock out to, and in the words of the sage-like Barney Gumble - "We Want Chilli Willi... We Want Chilli Willi..."

Guitar Hero 3Rock Band

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:12pm 27/7/07
Yeah, except I HATE that photo, I'm not nearly as git-like as I look in that photo :P
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:29pm 27/7/07
no, this is the new interwebz. Kind of like the new black... and I have to use my name, because it's the only one I've got, and I'm not stressed about growing an e-penis or anything like that
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