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Post by trog @ 12:56pm 25/07/07 | 20 Comments
Hideo Kojima demonstrated some of Metal Gear Solid 4's gameplay on the PlayStation 3. Check out the movie. It's pretty impressive and certainly shows why many gamers are waiting for it before they shell out their hard earned duckets for the most expensive console system.

metal gear solid

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Posted 12:04am 27/7/07
Hang on, this is supposed to be "next-gen" gaming?

Beyong the hoopla of the graphics of MGS4, has anyone noticed the very daft AI in this demonstration? With his camo on Snake is able to appear invisible jsut by lying on tiles? Snake is able to pic off a soldier with an obviously loud and unsilenced sniper rifle yet no soldier notices a shot has been fired? Snake is able to stand right in the open, during a firefight, and he is not shot?

I know the MGS series haven't always been absolutely serious, unlike Splinter Cell, but where on earth does his barrel come from? Where did Metal Gear Mk2 disappear to? And how does his men's magazine help him when he reads it?
Posted 02:19pm 27/7/07
Anyone also notice how the LCD screen on Metal Gear Mk2 doesn't have that cool "LCD effect" that was highlighted in one of those PS3 tech videos?
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