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Post by trog @ 07:22pm 22/07/07 | 12 Comments
After many, many years of struggling with only a couple hundred gigabytes of free space, I'm happy to announce that AusGamers has had a significant overhaul to our data storage giblets. We've now got several TERRORBYTES of available space, which we'll be doing our best to fill with all the latest and greatest gaming files (and other bits and pieces that we think you'll find interesting or useful). You can browse for files and check out what we've got.


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Posted 08:53pm 22/7/07
Needs more jiggawatts
Posted 04:59pm 23/7/07
1 terrabyte will be filled soon with just halo3 videos. :P
Posted 06:45pm 24/7/07
Post by Bonez @ 04:59pm
1 terrabyte will be filled soon with just halo3 videos. :P
Or more Crysis :S
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