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Post by trog @ 06:46pm 11/07/07 | 13 Comments
The client for the World in Conflict multiplayer beta is now out and available for download. You can nab it locally right here from AusGamers in all it's 1.7gb glory. We have a torrent version of the download as well that we're seeding, so if you've got some spare bandwidth to help out your fellow gamer, nab that one and start seeding!

We've still got some keys left as well, so get yours before it's too late!

world in conflict

Latest Comments
Posted 06:55pm 11/7/07
Hooooly s***. 1.7GB.

That's one for the offpeak.
Posted 07:00pm 11/7/07
8 hours to download, oh well.
Posted 07:08pm 11/7/07
Yes, download from Ausgamers.
Posted 07:12pm 11/7/07
its up now, just took a while to copy
Posted 09:52pm 11/7/07
I loved the game when i played the closed beta and this version can only be better. Can't wait.
Posted 03:20am 12/7/07
i got 400KB/sec >_> OMFG!
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