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There's a Q&A with 3D Realms' creative director Raphael Van Lierop over on Gamasutra. It makes mention of what they're working on over at 3D Realms, like the still upcoming Duke Nukem Forever, as well as what they won't be working on, like RPGs.
I think once Duke Nukem Forever comes out, and is great, that's all people will care about. Again, 3D Realms is more than just Duke Nukem Forever. Half-Life 2 was delayed how long? People kept asking for it, and complaining, but once it came out, and turned out to be like the best game ever, nobody cared.
It's a big call likening an unproven DNF to the success of HL2, but we can only hope they're right and not just hyping their wares.

It looks like interest is set to rekindle around 3DR with several big announcements in the pipelines for the coming months.

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Posted 02:45pm 13/6/07
Hang on, we missed celebrating the 10th anniversary of Duke Nukem Forever's announcement date, April 27th!
Posted 04:19am 15/6/07
I think I did the double take at the following words "once _ Duke _ Nukem _ Forever _ comes _ out"

Which part about 'forever' and 'comes out' did I miss. Whooweee 2007? Maybe Duke Nukem Forever 2008? No, How about 2012. We are hoping, at least, TF2 will come out this year -- its showed movies of what it can do. It most likely will beat Duke with his pants down. They are aiming for September 2007 with TF2.

Duke Nukem Forever jee when is that coming out? Oh that's right it has the release date of "When It's Done"

As for Half Life 2 well your answer is staring you right in the face. Valve's servers/office computers got cracked into by the german kid. The source code got released. So they had to hurry it up.
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