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A new map - Highway Tampa - has been released for Battlefield 2.

Currently it's in beta, but is still allowed to be used on ranked servers.
Explore this stretch of the Arabian Peninsula in your choice of vehicle and work with your team mates to conquer the map for your team. Download the beta, join in the servers, and drive, fly, and destroy your way to victory. Then drop by the EA forums and let us know what you think. Also keep your eyes to the future as this stretch of desert will see combat across two generations of Battlefield.
The map will be released for not only Battlefield 2 but going by the last comment, BF 2142 aswell.

EA have asked that any bugs with the map be reported here.

Weighing in at 63Mb you can download it locally from AusGamers.

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Posted 04:57pm 06/6/07
Yeah this beta is probably free, but wouldn't surprise me if they only released the finished version for a small fee.
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