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Post by trog @ 09:59am 02/06/07 | 21 Comments
Everyone's seen the movie - Macs suck for gamers, right?

Not anymore! Well, maybe. Parallels - virtualisation software for the Mac - have announced a new version 3.0 which boasts a hot new feature - 3d:
: You asked for it, and we delivered. Kick around your favorite Windows-only OpenGL and DirectX games and apps in a virtual machine on your Mac, without shutting down OS X!
The announcement also includes a picture of Quake 4 running on the Mac desktop which helps show what this all means - basically you can run Windows games that use OpenGL or DirectX directly from Mac OS X.

It's a bit light on technical details (and there's a lot of questions in the comments trying to pry more of them out of the Parallels team) so hold off before you bin your PC, but it certainly sounds promising.


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Posted 07:41pm 04/6/07
Guys, laugh it up all you want, but there are a few facts worth considering.

a) You can always use BootCamp to get native Windows gaming performance, if that is what you desire.
b) You can attach any n-button mouse to the Mac.
c) Here is something to mull - when I play multiplayer Civilization 4 (Mac laptop and desktop), even though both boxes have the same generation CPU, the Mac version of Civilization generates a map faster than the Windows version, and this is taking into account the s***** laptop harddisk vs a RAID-0 array on the PC. This means that the kernel services (file system, semaphores, threading, memory management etc) is faster on Darwin than on NT kernel.

But hey, it's easier to use a brain dead argument like "oh look, one button mouse".
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