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Post by trog @ 11:22am 24/05/07 | 6 Comments
Sony have announced some updates to the firmware for both the PlayStation 3. The big feature is upscaling of PS2 games and DVD movies to 1080p, but it "also gives PS3 owners more flexibility to enjoy their digital entertainment content where they want to" by using a PSP to watch your music, movies and photos. It might be where you want to, but I suspect it's not how or when you want to (at least until someone hacks it so you can do it on your PC and other devices). The press release has some more information.


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Posted 11:47am 26/5/07
ah thats awesome. I just updated today and its much better.

FMain Changes:

1) DVD Upscaler = Gives u a few options; Turn it off, normal, double scale, fullscreen.
I set mine to full screen and i just chucked terminator 3 in and watched the intro, and honestly, i couldnt really see a difference at all. (Im running ps3 via HDMI to 42" LCD 1920x1080i)

2) Ps2 Upscaler = This is a HUGE improvement!! ive been playing god of war 2 the last few days, and it was fine, but it looked very crappy and jagged on my telly, compared to a 68cm SD tube box. So i was dissapointed bout that, but then this update really lifted.
Options are; Turn off, full screen. So obviously i put it on full screen, and it just made it fit the telly better, but no real visual improvement. Then theres an extra opton here called "Ps2 Smoothing" and its only on or off, but why would you ever have it off? strange to have it as an option. It pretty much looks like they just added Antialiasing x 16, and it now looks flawless.

3) Media searches = The photo, music, video menu's now have a "search for media" sub button. Which allows you to stream off other devices. I dont have any servers enabled for this function as i have my PC hooked up to the telly so ps3 video/music/photos are irrelevent to me. But i suppose its handy to have the option for some.

I dont know why i went and wrote so much about something so trivial, but meh.. i do recomend jumping online and grabbing this update for ps2 games more than anything.

-- Also on a side note for aussies who dont know: If u sign up a second user, then make a second playstation network profile, and put country as US, you can download a whole heap of extra game demo's that arent on the aussie network (all free). and if u can read jap, u can do that too.
Posted 10:05pm 27/5/07
well, as far as i know the 360 doesnt offer 1080p so thats just odd.

ps3 does do 1080p, bravia does do 1080p but depends on which model. some do, some dont.

whyd oes 1080i look like ass for you? very odd.. should be a very very minimal difference to 1080p.
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