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Post by trog @ 04:40pm 19/05/07 | 102 Comments
From the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational in Seoul, Korea comes the announcement of StarCraft 2. Needless to say there's probably a handful of people excited about this around the place. There's no official release yet or screenshots or anything, but IGN have a man on the ground giving updates as they come in. I guess there'll be a press release a bit later so stay tuned.

Props to Crakaveli for the breaking news.

Update: YouTube shakycam.

Update #2: The official site is up and we've got local copies of the screenshots, the artwork trailer and the cinematic trailer!

starcraft 2

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Posted 04:43pm 19/5/07
Crakaveli, sorry dude I accidentally blew away your post trying to promote it and add some info, I suck at the internets.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 04:46pm 19/5/07
I'm so happy right now...woot!
Posted 04:50pm 19/5/07
Can't wait to see it in action.
Posted 05:05pm 19/5/07

Posted 05:13pm 19/5/07
Reserving post on first page of epic thread.

EDIT: First ever screenies of Starcraft 2 HERE!

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Posted 05:12pm 19/5/07

Diablo 3 would have been a better game, they just want to sell millions of copies to the koreans.
Posted 05:12pm 19/5/07
This is great news... Have been playing the other one for years and years...(sad I know) so cant wait for it to come out
Posted 05:15pm 19/5/07
this is truly epic.
Posted 05:16pm 19/5/07
Crakaveli, sorry dude I accidentally blew away your post trying to promote it and add some info, I suck at the internets.

Lol np's. At least i got props ;)
Posted 05:16pm 19/5/07
Epic thread for the most epic game of all time.

Can't wait to see all the Korean proleague players adapt new strategies.
Posted 05:22pm 19/5/07
Zerg rush?
Posted 05:25pm 19/5/07

Thank god it didn't turn out to be an MMO afterall!

Hm, going by the pictures it seems that the game might be fairly close to beta stages already.. Which would mean a release date within the next 12 months (you'd hope!).

Strange Rash
Posted 05:33pm 19/5/07
looks like same units, different graphics
Posted 05:34pm 19/5/07
Wasn't the last starcraft infamous for it's delays?
Posted 05:38pm 19/5/07
Wasn't the last starcraft infamous for it's delays?

Pretty much all Blizzard games are.
Posted 05:47pm 19/5/07
"Real men drill deep"
Tanaka Khan
Posted 06:09pm 19/5/07
This product has my official seal of approval!
Posted 06:10pm 19/5/07
Awesome, just awesome.
Posted 06:19pm 19/5/07
Which would mean a release date within the next 12 months (you'd hope!).

Hahahaha! Oh man, thats a good one, thanks, I needed a laugh.
Posted 06:19pm 19/5/07
i was expecting uber graphics but the pics look like bleh.
Posted 06:22pm 19/5/07
Any QGLers want to play some 4 vs 4 Starcraft?
i was expecting uber graphics but the pics look like bleh.
You don't get it do you?

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Posted 06:25pm 19/5/07
does anyone know what the guy said at the end of that teaser vid?
Posted 06:28pm 19/5/07
You don't get it do you?

what is there to "get" exactly?
Posted 06:33pm 19/5/07
He says "It has finally come"
Posted 06:33pm 19/5/07
Posted 06:34pm 19/5/07
Damn, youtube video keeps cutting out half way through :((((((((( NEED TO WATCH
Posted 06:37pm 19/5/07
gameplay vid

Posted 07:19pm 19/5/07
ok between that last youtude vid and transformers trailer i think i came in my pants twice this week
Posted 07:37pm 19/5/07
HOLY FARK!!! That video was beyond awesome!!!


Posted 08:01pm 19/5/07
i love the aswesome strat in the vid: pile in all your units to a firefight.
Posted 08:36pm 19/5/07
i didn't even understand wtf was going on there.
Posted 08:48pm 19/5/07
Best news ever!
Posted 08:56pm 19/5/07
updated news post with links to official screenz and movies
Posted 09:19pm 19/5/07
No, he says "Hell, it's about time"
Posted 09:29pm 19/5/07
Yeah, that sounds better, I really had no idea what he said, I was just repeating what I read in the youtube comments, which is hardly a reliable source :P
Posted 09:42pm 19/5/07
First screeny from Ausgamers has many, many zergs. The zerg rush LIVES!
Posted 10:03pm 19/5/07
All that stuff already on the site is amazing, check out the Protoss unit profiles and animations. Best kept secret ever :]
Posted 10:24pm 19/5/07
More gameplay, first person this time.

Tanaka Khan
Posted 10:47pm 19/5/07
I wonder if there will be a new race?

And I wish to hell I knew where my old copy of Starcraft was!!!
Posted 11:32pm 19/5/07
You don't get it do you?
I reckon...
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:32pm 19/5/07
Sweet jesus that looks nice. Blizzard rock extremely hard when it comes to gaming.

Posted 11:53pm 19/5/07
edit: all good now

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Posted 12:04am 20/5/07
i always loved starcraft and am so glad #2 is finaly on its way. it looks incredible for an rts game (company of heroes was nice, but quite meh to me) and after watching some of the vids posted it will be huge. blizzard sure know how to make an epic rts game
Posted 12:04am 20/5/07
Well this means GPG can't make a Supreme Commander 2 without the acronyms getting very confusing :(
Posted 12:13am 20/5/07
Woo more than 12 units per group, and being able to navigate ground units across multiple levels of terrain
Tanaka Khan
Posted 12:14am 20/5/07
We can only hope they don't make Supreme Commander 2, I'm still trying to recover from the disaster that was the first one.
Posted 12:15am 20/5/07
also that dash the zealots have is so awesome looking. i think this is 1 game i will want a limited edition copy of if they decide to make one
Posted 12:22am 20/5/07
my mind is boggling with creative ways in which to put together the dosh needed to upgrade for this game...

and even more to ensure thr Mrs never finds out :P
Tanaka Khan
Posted 12:34am 20/5/07
koopz, I recon we have 12 months or so until release, so that should give you plenty of time to upgrade stealthily.

The game will be compatible with DirectX 10, and we're still considering whether there will be exclusive DirectX 10 graphic effects, but the graphics engine will also be very scalable to ensure that a wide range of different systems will be capable of running StarCraft II. The new engine is also capable of rendering very large units, as well as large numbers of units on screen together. Havok physics have been integrated into the engine for added realism as well.

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Posted 01:33am 20/5/07
Now, my next hope is they integrate this fancy new DX10 renderer and havoc physics into the next WoW expansion :P
Crizane Tribal
Posted 04:44am 20/5/07
looks like same units, different graphics

Er, if you looked at the site you'd find that they've changed at least 3 out of 4 Protoss units. Possibly subject to Blizzard's traditional rep-con.

No WoS, I called it :P

Overall I'm impressed with their little gameplay vid. Sexy, smooth, fast graphics that are up to date. Just what the original SC was. What more could anybody want? All I think they need is to add a gritty, rough sort of feel to the game to give a scrappy sort of "struggle for survival in a rough, uforgiving universe" feel.
Posted 08:31am 20/5/07
Pretty much pure awesome. Been a long time coming and it looks pretty solid.

You can bet that they will follow with a World of StarCraft game not long after this releases. This sorta smacks of the War3 : WoW progression.
Posted 09:22am 20/5/07
Cass nera dact!!

My god I really hope blizzard doesn't disappoint.

Posted 10:56am 20/5/07
this is awesome news!

Posted 11:48am 20/5/07
looks better in motion
Posted 12:46pm 20/5/07
Agreed completely, the story in this will just be to tie things together for a WoS game.
On a side note, it's great to see some kickass PC titles around the corner, personally i thought things were looking a bit grim. With SC2 & TF2 i'm getting excited.
What ever happened to Bullfrog? I'd love a Dungeon Keeper 3? Do i hear an Amen?
Posted 12:55pm 20/5/07
Bullfrog hasn't existed for ages, the closest thing to Bullfrog these days would be Lionhead because it still has Peter Molyneux at the helm. The Movies, to me, felt like it could have been a Bullfrog game. Stuff Dungeon Keeper though, give us another Syndicate game!
Posted 01:04pm 20/5/07

Hoping this might be worth a look
Posted 01:07pm 20/5/07
Diablo series was made by Blizard north ... they have dispersed into 3 other companies including the guys making Hellgate London.
Posted 01:30pm 20/5/07
zzz if only auran took this approach to dark reign 2, fk they killed that game :\
Posted 01:49pm 20/5/07
Stuff Dungeon Keeper though, give us another Syndicate game!

F*****g agreed.
Posted 08:02pm 20/5/07
You can bet that they will follow with a World of StarCraft game not long after this releases

i hope not... WoW was addictive enough.....

Posted 08:32pm 20/5/07
zzz if only auran took this approach to dark reign 2, fk they killed that game :\
Dark Reign 2 was Pandemic, not Auran.
Posted 11:59pm 20/5/07
!!!!!! cant wait for this!

MT is reforming! :)
Posted 12:00am 21/5/07
starcraft sucked and so will starcraft 2.
Posted 12:03am 21/5/07
please guys, don't feed the trolls :)
Posted 12:35am 21/5/07
someone will
Posted 12:54am 21/5/07
I guarantee it will be better than Deus Ex 2.
Posted 01:15am 21/5/07
Remember back in the day the argument was which RTS was better, TA or SC. Well we know who won that title!


Crizane Tribal
Posted 06:30pm 21/5/07
LOL, now it will be TA2 (i.e. Supreme Commander) vs SC2...

Who cares, Warcraft II/III are better anyway.


And Quake is better than Unreal.
Posted 09:02pm 21/5/07
Official HD Gameplay vid is up.
Posted 09:17pm 21/5/07
mirroring, f*** the blizzard downloader is s***. In case you ever thought it was just your connection, I'm running it on a gigabit link and I'm getting 100k/s and have been for ages.
Posted 09:26pm 21/5/07
You might want to try one of the servers on gamershell, I'm waiting for the iiNet link to pop up on there.
Posted 09:32pm 21/5/07
how do i get one of those trog? i need to get my ping down in wow..
Posted 06:08pm 22/5/07
Stuff Dungeon Keeper though, give us another Syndicate game!

F*****g agreed.

Amen. They were f***** rad games,

Also everyone not working at blizzard involved in FMV production should kill themselves. You will never be as good. I really wish they would make a CG movie.
Posted 06:50pm 22/5/07
Tanaka Khan
Posted 10:00am 23/5/07
I found my old Starcraft and Broodwars disks and installed them (amazed they worked with Vista to be honest) but god I was disapointed with it. It was just like when I tried the 10th anniversary edition of C&C, the graphics (when compared to todays standards) just sucked ass.
Posted 10:06am 23/5/07
in 10 years compare starcraft 2 with their today's standards, and it will just suck ass too...

moral of the story is don't eat half baked potato's
Tanaka Khan
Posted 10:10am 23/5/07
Mmmmm, half baked potatoes....
Posted 10:12am 23/5/07
watched the hd preview. looks rad
Posted 10:52am 23/5/07
Interview with Blizzard on SC2 - good read and it released some juicy info.
Posted 11:35am 23/5/07
it will definitely be interesting to see how all those units balance out.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 12:21pm 23/5/07
I still think they should have added a fourth race, oh well!
Posted 12:51pm 23/5/07
they could be adding one anyway and it hasn't been said yet ... is that possible?
Posted 12:58pm 23/5/07
im fairly sure i read somewhere that it will be just the 3 original races. how fkn unbalanced does that protos mothership look, fkn stupid black hole, kill everything...
Posted 02:34pm 23/5/07
gameplay vid looks awesome! i long for combat.
Posted 02:38pm 23/5/07
im running through starcraft and brood wars atm to refresh the story in my mind, 640x480 goodness :D
Posted 02:46pm 23/5/07
how fkn unbalanced does that protos mothership look

Cry more.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 03:10pm 23/5/07
SC is still a great RTS game, the only thing that lets it down is the graphics, which is understandable for a game that's 10 years old.

The only thing that would make SC2 SUCK is if they charged for multiplayer in any way shape or form.
Posted 03:21pm 23/5/07
Which they surely won't.
Posted 03:23pm 23/5/07
Blizzard has never been in the business of sucking money out of people.
Posted 04:14pm 23/5/07
wat about wow....
Posted 04:20pm 23/5/07
oh, do they charge for that?
Posted 04:57pm 23/5/07
yea u buy the game, then gotta pay per month. they get ya.
Posted 05:06pm 23/5/07
What is "wow"? Does it have something to do with Vista?
Posted 05:12pm 23/5/07
how fkn unbalanced does that protos mothership look
At first there was a lot of unbalanced issues in Starcraft, actually till BroodWar it was very unbalanced.

Though in the end Blizzard worked it out to a tee. If you watch the various Korean proleagues, you see how ingenious some of the players utilize each race/unit. On any given day, a Zerg/Terran/Protoss can be champion.

Maybe I'm being optimistic, but I have a feeling Blizzard will REALLY balance this one out. Considering the professional Korean players will instantly jump on any unfair races, units, strategies, maps ect. ect. something that didn't happen at the start of the last SC (because the massive fanbase wasn't there).
Posted 05:56pm 23/5/07
I hope they put exploding critters in again ... =P

i concur
Posted 10:30am 24/5/07
how fkn unbalanced does that protos mothership look

They said in the video that they were cheating with it - if you look closely you'll see it has unlimited energy pretty much. It wouldn't have been able to pull off the crazy s*** it did in a real game. You can also only have one at a time, so you won't see a Mothership rush anytime soon :)

Given that we've only seen one sides' ultimate unit and only a smidgin of what the others are doing its really hard to say if Protoss is unbalanced or not. I can see all sorts of sneaky peon line pwnage coming out of the Raider's ability to jump in and out of raised terrain.

If you remember, SC 1.0 was pretty unbalanced, Reaver drops were pretty dominant as well as zergling rushes. Psi-storm needed tweaking, and everyone thought that stimpacked marines + medics would be overkill but that worked out ok.

They'll likely need to tweak SC2 as well after release. The only real way to know if there are abilities that are out of cotrol is see what happens when the public gets hold of em.

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Posted 07:42pm 29/5/07
so.. some guy over in NZ who works for our company reckons he's got sc2 already.....
Posted 07:53pm 29/5/07
i believe him
Posted 07:56pm 29/5/07
i think he's full of s***.. but thats just my opinion...
Posted 10:03pm 29/5/07
you're a f*****g idiot
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