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Post by trog @ 09:45am 14/05/07 | 7 Comments
Funcom, developers of the anticipated MMO Age of Conan, have announced a new MMO called The Secret World, targeted for the PC and the Xbox 360. What makes it different?
"We believe there are millions of gamers out there who want to explore something beyond traditional fantasy and sci-fi games," said Trond Arne Aas, CEO of Funcom. "'The Secret World' is just that - a fantastic new setting that will fuel the imagination of online gamers, and keep players busy for years. We have a golden opportunity to bring something fresh and exciting to the genre, and we firmly believe the game is an ideal extension of Funcom's MMO portfolio."
There's some concept art showing off some cool London scenes.

the secret worldfuncom

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Posted 08:25am 15/5/07
Concept art looks neolithic. Good concepts to have it so there is no conspiracy theory *lol*

At least being named Funcom is better than JoyMax which was last MMO I was at.

Chinese history MMO is now overrun with chinese gold farmers and botters. You should read the forum. My god the amount of times they go on about everything bad is just crazy

Also to think SRO got awards. Now Silk Road Online is a pile of bull patt.

I've seen World Of Warcraft, the idea is at least better and they actually try their best to stop the gold farmers (after all it is a monthly subscription). Just Blizzard doing what Blizzard does best I suppose, continuing the Warcraft production line. Until they release Starcraft: Ghost. If ever or whenever that is coming out.
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