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Post by trog @ 09:47am 29/04/07 | 31 Comments
A trailer for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare premiered on ESPN in the US recently and is now available as the gods intended - as a sweet digital download (in HD, no less). The new trailer shows off a bunch of in game footage, the most immediately noticeable part of which is that the game is no longer set in World War 2. Instead it looks set in a world of sand, turbans and beards - and thus what I must assume are terrorists (or at the very least, insurgents!). Grab the trailer now locally from AusGamers - it's also available now in Quicktime if you prefer the more fruity flavour to your videos.

Update: for the hardcore, there's also a 60 FPS 720p version.

call of duty

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Posted 10:15am 29/4/07
SWEEEEEET looks awesome.

whats the time frame for release expected ?
Posted 10:42am 29/4/07
Holy F***! That looks spectacular!
Posted 11:51am 29/4/07
Looks shweet.

I lub 500 kb/s downloads
Posted 12:35pm 29/4/07
holy crapola, that looks awesome.

I just hope they keep the 5v5 SD and not move to bf2 style mass warfare. that can stay with et:qw but i like cod2 for the individual aspect.
Posted 12:49pm 29/4/07
that looks awesome
Posted 01:31pm 29/4/07
Graphics look ordinary as usual but hopefully the multiplayer will be as awesome as previous CoD titles.
Posted 01:51pm 29/4/07
What's the bet the mouse movement will feel laggy in this version? I didn't see any footage from first person view. Are there any trailers showing proper in game action?
Posted 01:55pm 29/4/07
ga link?

edit: nm found it. looks pretty good

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Posted 01:58pm 29/4/07
updated news post with the 60fps version
Posted 02:05pm 29/4/07
COD is gay because of the health deal.
Posted 02:25pm 29/4/07
Wasn't that just the intro sequence? They really need to show in-game footage to get me excited... or boobies.
Posted 02:28pm 29/4/07
So is COD about heeding the call of duty to invade another country for "whatever reason" or on the contrary defending one's country from the invading forces?
re so
Posted 02:30pm 29/4/07
I liked the halo (I know it was from something other than halo first, just easiest way to explain it) kind of health system they used for cod2 and cod3, it's not like you could still rambo and never die but you didn't have to spend half the mission playing like a f** either!
Posted 03:13pm 29/4/07
regen health is the best thing they ever did for cod2. sif have a health bar.
Reverend Evil
Posted 04:14pm 29/4/07
Trailer looked nice. So glad they've finished up with WW2, that was getting so damn boring.
Posted 04:30pm 29/4/07
So glad they've finished up with WW2, that was getting so damn boring.

Yeah now onto the Middle-East bandwagon. Should last them at least another 3 years.

Then maybe some futuristic thing. There's also Vietnam (both done by BF)

But .. I'd prefer a Cold War game.

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Posted 04:33pm 29/4/07
i prefer ww2. good simple bullets and armour.
Posted 05:15pm 29/4/07
i'm still waiting for a ww1 game
Posted 06:54pm 29/4/07
Where your bayonet gets suck in people's rib cages so you have to hack them to death with a sharpened shovel?

Actually I would play that.
Posted 06:57pm 29/4/07
sitting in trenches full of mud and faeces. sounds kewl.
Posted 09:15am 30/4/07
i'm waiting for a civil war game
Posted 01:02pm 30/4/07
Yep, regenerating health certainly makes sense in "realistic" games. Who the hell gets shot, waits a bit and now HEY! They're ok again!

Maybe if you picked up health packs, but they didn't heal you right away, like, you could hold onto them and then they regenerated your health, because you're using the health pack. It makes a bit more sense, to me anyway.

In Halo, magic health makes sense because it's the future and they've invented magic, like space travel and whatever.
Posted 01:43pm 30/4/07
urban terror system was ok how you could bandage/heal eachother. or yourself slowly.
Posted 01:46pm 30/4/07
too bad thats a pretty s*** game
Posted 01:50pm 30/4/07
agreed but the idea wasnt bad.
Posted 01:51pm 30/4/07
yeah cos its so much fun running round with 5% health for the whole round.
Posted 02:29pm 30/4/07
Meh, another modern war-themed FPS.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all FPS, including BF2 and COD, but nothing about COD4 (graphics, presentation, etc.) floors me, in this trailer.

What the (gaming) world doesn't need is more terrorists.
Posted 02:37pm 30/4/07
Yep, regenerating health certainly makes sense in "realistic" games.

COD never seemed like a realistic game to me, it reminded me more of a big action war movie than a game going for realism. At the end of a day its a game, its meant to be fun, and in a game like COD being able to regen your health makes it more fun because then you're likely to rambo it up more and participate in the whole over-the-top action movie flavour of the game.

If you want realism, go play that new game by the Operation Flashpoint guys (Armed Assault?) Personally, I find realism gets in the way of fun more often than not, and I prefer my games to be fun.
Posted 06:40pm 30/4/07
i'm waiting for a civil war game
Gods and Generals?
Posted 08:04pm 30/4/07
urban terror system was ok how you could bandage/heal eachother. or yourself slowly.
Urban Terror has one of the best damage models in any FPS game I've played
Posted 10:16pm 30/4/07
Halo only had regenerating energy shields, ur actual health was represented by a health bar with 4 or 8 blocks or something. the energy shield would regenerate n could take a mighty wallop, however once depleted u quickly died.

the first fps to use the bandage system was action quake 2, u could bandage as many times per round as u wanted, however head shots were instanta kills. getting shot in the leg decreased speed and jumping ability etc etc. a bit of trivia - in action quake 2 (its a quake 2 realism mod) it was forbidden to use a crosshair for online play. Ud be vote kicked off the server if ppl caught u using one. Times have changed ;)
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