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Post by trog @ 09:33am 23/03/07 | 59 Comments
Sony's PlayStation 3 has finally launched in Australia. Though a few months late, Sony reportedly have quite a few preorders, so they're pretty excited about it.

However, The Age are reporting that not many other people are, in a less-than-glowing article about the official midnight launch last night at Myer in Sydney (featuring Sony and Myer bosses):
At midnight, about 40 PS3 buyers had arrived to collect their consoles, causing distress for the army of camera crews who turned up expecting to capture launch mayhem.

Desperate producers unashamedly asked the crowd to fake excitement when the cameras were rolling, while a team from 2Day FM let out bogus cheers to convince their radio listeners that a launch extravaganza was underway.
If you have joined the feeding frenzy of the PlayStation 3, let us know what you think of it.


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Posted 12:41pm 23/3/07
Similar news at the Myer Melbourne launch with only around 50 units sold after about 150 units were painstakingly moved and readied for sale! You should've seen the number of games which were readied for sale - 200 copies of Motorstorm, Call of Duty 3 and Resistance - and a large number of games which weren't even touched (Sonic, Enchanted Arms, Virtual Fighter 5, World Championship Snooker, etc...). The launch was rather subdued and quet, with the sound system of the PS3 demo unit drowning out the sounds of shuffling feet and staff hardselling HDMI cables. It was all over within one hour.
Posted 02:42am 25/3/07
My friend from America, Sarah wishes she had never bought the XBOX 360 and now is trying to sell it to get her money back. No one will buy it. But then again, I've always found that having a computer made out of 2nd hand parts can do everything that consoles always claim to do.

It doesn't matter how much graphics processors, cpus, amount of hard drive or amount of ram it has. It can always be outdone by a personal computer. I mean look at what you have to do to just run stuff on the console. Firstly, you have to put in a mod chip / flash the bios with an altered flashrom / mod it on the hardware side of things. Opening the thing up voiding the warranty.

Personal Computer. You can run whatever you want on it. You can 'download' stuff to it. You can emulate stuff on it. SO year after year I mock the console players who mock the console players who like to get their hands dirty. They say to me "OMG Its got Gears of War thats a revolutionary game." and I am like "So?" and the wind just falls out of their sails like "the duldrums" around the Bahamas and you can hear the crickets chirping.

HD-DVD coding system has already been cracked and let us ask what did the code get cracked on? Oh thats right a PERSONAL COMPUTER.

Copy protection systems, DVD region protection systems and emulation software. What are they produced upon... Hmmm let's see its not a XBOX, not a PS2 or even a Nintendo Wii... Oh yeah thats right. A PERSONAL COMPUTER.

Once you buy into the console thing. Thats the hardware your stuck with. Sure you can try and upgrade it, update it, but there is very little room for upmarket ability a part from maybe the hard drive and the RAM and if something goes wrong with your precious console you can't just go out and buy new parts for it. Remember the XBOX power cord issue back in 2005? Hmmm...

Even by the time you get that precious XBOX 360 home its already out of date. GeForce has released the 8800 series already and ATI will follow suit and the graphics card wars will begin again. Where's your precious console now? Most likely out of date and cemented for 3 years with obsolete hardware.

And then ask yourself. Why would you want to spend $1000 on an PS3 or even an XBOX 360 when you can get exactly the same thing for $600 more on the PC and that can do everything that the XBOX can do plus it can be upgradeable over the years as the hardware drops in price. There are more computer shops around that console shops. Hell you could do one further. Buy a MAC and a PC. Be between both arguing parties. But for the love of hell stop buying the darn console. Cause some of the better consoles were the 8 bit systems and they are now emulated to high heaven.

Take for instance: www.nforce.nl then ask yourself will you be downloading PS3 Images? or XBOX 360 Images on your console. Sure you can hook the console up to the internet. But operateability is going to be limited a bit and then you might have to run Linux or some custom build of linux on your console.

Just finally I think this is where the PS3 got stabbed chronically in that it finally became close to the cost of a personal computer and now people are realising that it's true.

About the only place I could find a use for a console is at a LAN Party/LAN Event. Where you would want games that can be put on a big screen protector and not on some small TV.

last edited by Kimbo at 02:42:03 25/Mar/07
Posted 05:19pm 26/3/07
My post isn't so much console vs PC its more. For the price of a playstation 3 you could get a decent PC and do more stuff than just game.
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