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Post by trog @ 09:20am 02/02/07 | 31 Comments
Apologies to users that have been experiencing problems access the AusGamers site in the last week or so. We've been having some problems due to a repeated attack by what appears to be email harvesters or something smashing the servers, compounded by some other technical issues which we think are now resolved. We have made a few small backend changes to try to help mitigate problems, so if you notice anything weird or not working, please drop us a line to let us know.


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Posted 10:10am 02/2/07
yeah its a good time to be retro, we arent close enough to 2010 to be cool, so why not reflect on how lame we can be and all wear oversized glasses and pass around homemade viruses again!
Posted 04:05pm 04/2/07
nobody has to know... it will just be a once off thing...
Posted 07:44pm 04/2/07
me too. i believe its the way we were created, to use any browser that we decide. im sick of IEphobes.
Posted 01:53pm 07/2/07
thats exactly right nF, ppl who call IE virus/spyware prone are just idiots who click yes when they should be closing boxes down or not allowing pop ups.

one thing you learn in IT, computers are dumb, they are only as smart as the programmers and the users who use them, doesnt matter how "smart" a program is, if an idiots using it then hello virus/spyware/malware.
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