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Post by trog @ 01:17pm 25/01/07 | 25 Comments have an interesting interview up with muslix64, the guy who defeated the copy protection efforts on HD DVD and more recently, Blu-Ray discs.


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Posted 06:35pm 25/1/07
ego trip? i think he sounded pretty humble in that interview and certainly gave credit to others where it was due

personally i didnt have a problem with normal dvds... if only theyd upgraded the dvd spec to use more efficient compression, i think the format easily could have had a good bit more of a lifespan
Posted 02:45am 27/1/07
f*** tcpa in the eye
Posted 01:41pm 28/1/07
You can still buy DVD players for well over $1600 now! You get high quality components and professional grade chips such as a high-end Faroudja upscaler, but is .

If you own a HDTV don't bother with HD-DVD or Blu-Ray yet. Wait out the format war and go for a decent upscaling DVD player such as the Pioneer DV-696AV, which I bought for AUD$299. True, it won't ever look as good as native HD but it goes a long way if the de-interlacer and upscaler in your HDTV is cheap (in most cases). I hooked it up to a 1 year-old LG 32" HD LCD TV and the difference was incredible. The LG has a horrible de-interlacer (probably bob) which resulted in an image with bad pixelation. With the Pioneer through HDMI (set to 720p output) the image was smooth with barely any aliasing - a very HD-like image. Now I just wish I had my own HDTV...

You can buy a cheaper LG, Sony, Panasonic, etc. but they use cheaper upscaling solutions and some suffer from glitchy HDMI implementation. Whilst the Pioneer doesn't use a Faroudja chip it uses a slightly lower-end Mediatek chip that doesn't suffer from the comb or stutter effect that the Faroudja does. For AUD$100 less you can go for the Pioneer DV-490 which doesn't have DVD-Audio or SACD playback and suffers from pixel shifting which you may not notice. Oh and the DV-696 is DivX Ultra certified so you can play almost any DivX disc in it!
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