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Post by trog @ 11:38am 25/01/07 | 87 Comments
Sony have confirmed the launch date for the PlayStation 3 in Australia (and less interestingly for us, Europe):
London, 24 January 2007 (Sydney 25 January) - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced that PLAYSTATIONģ3 will be launched in the PAL territories of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australasia on 23rd March 2007 at a price of EUR599 (£425, AUD 999.95, NZ 1199.95).

Responding to retail and consumer demand, SCEE confirmed that initially only the 60GB model would be available, with the 20GB model to follow later in the year dependent on demand.

An expected one million PS3 units will be made available during the initial launch period.
The press release has more information, including a list of launch titles.


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Posted 11:49am 25/1/07
999.95? its a steal!!!

a steal FROM you!
Posted 07:22pm 26/1/07
Every JB Hifi in Victoria, atleast, should sell Blu-Ray movies and players. I've been to every JB in Melbourne city and one just outside Highpoint and they've just begun pushing Blu-Ray. There are probably 20+ titles priced at $39.95. They all seem to have less special features than their DVD counterpart. In comparison there's only one HD-DVD title on sale and it's of a Jazz concert, which is also available on Blu-Ray.

The JB Hifi on Lonsdale st. Melbourne has a Jap PS3 hooked up to a huge 1080p 50" Sony LCD screen plus 5.1 surround sound. Don't expect to be blown away though as they are only demoing the pretty poor looking new F1 game, since it's harder to steal the PS2 steering wheel than the wireless Sixaxis controller. The game has pretty bland textures that look low resolution. The in-car hand model is low poly and has low resolution textures, more akin to a PS2 F1 game. Also lacks any form of High Dynamic Range lighting which is usually faked, atleast, in previous F1 games such as when entering and exiting the tunnel on the Monaco race circuit. In general it looks more like a PS2 game but with motion blur and running at 720p. On the upside hearing the race commentary in Japanese is quite funny.

Did get a chance to play Grand Turismo 5 and MotorStorm back when the staff were more excited about the PS3 and were willing to keep a watchful eye over the Sixaxis controller in the customers' hands.

GT looked beautiful in HD and the abundant crowd looked very detailed (with bump mapping and shadows) and were well animated for once. Cars looked amazing, pity the reflections and cast shadows were low res. I was disappointed that ALL barriers, including tape around the track, are rock solid. Games such as Colin McCrae Rally 3.0 featured fences and tape that you could crash through and destroy. Not so with the new GT. On the upside the game runs at a constant 60fps. Oh and there was no in-car view, which is a great shame. I've only played a few minutes of each of the previous GT games so if any GT veterans can correct me on this it'd be great.

MotorStorm was clearly the Japanese version which lacked any form of multiplayer whatsoever and was the most impressive game of the three to me. The game runs at 30fps and looked very impressive even at only 720p (don't think any game they had there supported the holy grail of HD resolutions - 1080p). Every vehicle was high poly with decent texture resolution and the terrain is huge and detailed, but there were quite a number of instances of mis-aligned textures. The mud looked shiny and wet but not terribly convincing in my eyes and the dust thrown out behind each car had a weird shimmer effect, instead of looking like fluffy clouds of dust. Another visual oddity was the dust that builds up on the windscreen, which looked like an orange cloud texture covering the windscreen set to 50% opacity, though the mud splatter looked more convincing. Gameplay is very similar to FlatOut with agressive AI drivers, destructible cars and scenary, nitro, big jumps and dirt tracks, but with only tracks in canyons, different types of vehicles to choose from (freight trucks, ATVs, motorbikes, etc.) and no car tuning or flying drivers. I managed to play around with the tilt function with this game and I must say the implementation pales to the Wii's tilt function. I'm sure a bit of fine tuning will fix things.

In all I didn't see anything that would justify AUD$1000 plus the need to upgrade to a HDTV in terms of gaming. Sure the games will look nice in HD but the gameplay is essentially the same, so far.

Oh, icewyrm, why would a games console burn discs?
Posted 09:43am 27/1/07
Never owned a console and don't intend to.
Much prefer PC gaming and leaving the TV for TV and movies.
It does amuse me when say a geforce 8800 gtxxxx video card hits the market for a $1000 everyone says how much they would want one (or two).But a state of the art console for $1000, that is still probebly being sold at a loss well that just a rip off.
Posted 12:00pm 28/1/07
The difference is, you can do a hell of a lot more with a PC. It is far more versatile. Don't get into the whole PC vs. console thing, it is just a retard comparison made by retards.

I'm not comparing the gaming formats .I'm talking about the difference in pricing expectations between PC and consoles.A first generation PC component can be priced at cost of manufacture at the time of release and everyone goes ,I'll either take it or leave it at that price and carry on with life.A console on the other hand has to be around $600 and and it better still piss all over the old model.

Xbox got it right by playing it safe ,Sony reached to high with new tech and got burned.
Anyway I,m not interested in consoles as I said ,just the up roar about the price compared to what PC gaming enthusiasts are willing to pay for a single component in their gaming rig amused me.
I guess the real advantage of the PC as a gaming format is having the choice of what goes in it.
Posted 01:31pm 28/1/07
xbox wins!
Posted 03:52pm 28/1/07
Don't forget the number of people that actually do buy $1000 video cards on release. I'm sure it's less than the number of people who will buy the PS3 on launch. The fact that video cards come in many different price ranges must be considered too. So really, comparing a $1000 video card and a PS3 is moot - they're aimed at different audiences with different expectations.
Posted 08:57pm 28/1/07
So really, comparing a $1000 video card and a PS3 is moot - they're aimed at different audiences with different expectations.

I see what you are saying, that there is a difference in the two audiences and they have different expectations but that is really the point of my comparison.

$1000 dollar video cards and the Playstation3 do I feel have a number of things in common.
They are both built to show the best the company can do ,using the newest thinking and are intended to make the competitors product look piss weak but comparison.
Weather the PS3 succeeded in these areas is another matter but this approach to manufacture doesn't come cheap.
Hence the PC audience have the expectation of paying a $1000 for such a product and just getting a video card( but usually end up buying the crippled version of the same thing).
The console audience on the other hand have a price cap of around $600 but still want their console of choice to be the greatest thing out.
Posted 03:32pm 31/1/07
u cant compare the two no...

for $1000 your getting a kick arse graphics card that supports dx10 technology at basically little or no extra cost whilst your ps3 isnt a dx10 system and is based on older G70 GPU but is forcing you to use an expensive new technology that adds imo nothing better to the gaming experience.

the ps3 is crap because its basically an overpriced xbox 360 with a new media format which adds no difference to gaming other then longer cgi (movies), most games will be ported on xbox 360 as well as ps3 so you will not see any difference or point in having blu-ray because the same content needs to be on both.

ps3 is sony's way of forcing new technology via us gamers and frankly i hope it back fires in there face and you sonly fan boys get sucked in and waste your money :)
Posted 07:05pm 31/1/07
so ummmm what good games have come out recently for PC at the moment that need a 1000 dollar gpu?
Posted 12:06am 01/2/07
They must be giving us time to save up for Vista as well and a bit more ram.
Posted 12:54am 01/2/07
none yet thats why its called NEXT gen :)

there is however 5 to be released soon, Crysis being the first, you might wanna check out a trailer on your pc cause its not coming out on consoles
Posted 08:23am 06/2/07

Really, you're far better off in terms of genuine game play of buying a Wii and getting a few games and a few controllers for now and considering what to do re these consoles in another year when the blueray/hd dvd formats have sorted themselves out and the consoles have some ___good___ games behind them

Anyone that buys one now is purely buying into the hype, I'd argue this is the same for xbox 360 users also because as yet in all the titles on the platform there are only one or two games that aren't more of the same...

That 1000 dollars for the console, would need to be backed up by 120 dollar games, probably two or three to make it worth while, then you'd probably need a controller, before you know it, sony are in your pockets for $1500, to $2000 easy..

Thats just nothing but absurd even for this gamer!

Posted 06:35pm 06/2/07
f*** off fanboy
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