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Post by trog @ 05:12pm 11/01/07 | 55 Comments
Yoinked from Slashdot is this article from a Japanese site looking at how the PlayStation 3 is faring in Nippon:
Eating into Sony's sales at home was the unexpected success of Nintendo's Wii gaming system, according to Enterbrain. Nintendo sold 989,118 Wiis domestically from its Dec. 2 launch date to month's end, nearly double Sony's total.
With the Australian release still months away, I'm curious as to how many people are still even looking at the PlayStation 3 given the success of the Wii and Xbox 360 here - how many people out there are thinking about it?


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Posted 08:59pm 11/1/07
natslovR are you seriously saying that you'd buy a console for 999 dollars simply to use it as a media centre? That seems moderately ridiculous to me; why not stick with your X-Box 360 and a HD-DVD drive since you already have the 360.

The mere idea of buying a PS3 just to watch media is mind boggling o.O
Posted 09:04pm 11/1/07
Arr Predator (my sarcasm detector is disabled) did you mean at all? Because you might want to read some more:
On that note, Nintendo won an Emmy also, for the d-pad. I'm beginning to think this Emmy thing is a load of crap, they're giving out awards for technology developed over ten years ago. I mean come on, at least award the damn things to something created recently!

Silly awards nubs =(
Posted 11:30pm 11/1/07
DVD quality may be crap compared to HD content, but it's not a quality that's so poor you can't watch it at all. And unless you actually own an HDTV... ey fuhgeddaboudit.
Posted 04:19am 12/1/07
$2500?! what the f*** are you people thinking? you could build an awesome htpc for that much... and still have money left over for a wii

on the subject of wii games, elebits and excite truck are coming out pretty soon, so i know they'll be keeping me busy
Posted 02:27am 13/1/07
ill buy it how i bought my ps2, ill wait till there is a big bundle of games two controllers and a sudden price drop. im not paying for the new integration of bluray... only paying for the rewards of it :)
Posted 11:14pm 15/1/07
i just upgraded my 7 year old comp....consoles can kiss my sweet core2duo asss
Posted 04:02pm 16/1/07
8800GTX SLi and DX10 sorry PS3/xbox360/wii but your a tad late :)
Posted 08:37pm 16/1/07
yeah totally awesome... with that setup you can now play WoW at 200000x130000 resolution with 300 frames per second.

too bad it still looks like S*** and you are still a LOSER!
Posted 01:17pm 21/1/07
but holy s*** monkey ball or whatever the f*** it was sucked some serious anus and was so unresponsive and s***.

I'm not necessarily disagreeing with your comment, but I think its pretty well accepted that the monkey ball game was rushed for launch and ultimately half-baked.
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