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Post by trog @ 01:23pm 07/12/06 | 114 Comments
The Nintendo Wii has landed! Over 30,000 pre-orders in Australia alone is some indication as to how many people have been looking forward to Nintendo's latest puppy landing. We managed to pick one up for the office, but if you don't hurry and don't have a pre-order you might want to try and head out before the masses if you want to secure one.

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Posted 01:52pm 07/12/06
Nintendo Australia have held quite a lot back so still have some in the country, but after that the next shipment is expected on December 17th - just in time for Christmas.

Any word on where we can get component cables in Australia? Is it only direct through Nintendo?
Posted 02:33pm 07/12/06
i've sold three of these things for nintendo since I got to work this morning raving about it including one guy who managed to score console + wiiplay + zelda + carry bag for $479.95

TRU deducted the full price cost of the NFS game because it wasn't available (he hadn't pre ordered) and then added on most of the zelda pack. the guy next in line who had preordered said 'i want that too' and got it.

why am I never that lucky?
Posted 02:40pm 07/12/06
I just had a really quick bash at Tennis and man - way cool. It's a totally different way of playing games. Helps playing on a massive giant plasma screen but I'm sure it's cool anyway. Can't wait to have another bash; I might actually end up buying my first ever Nintendo console.
Posted 02:51pm 07/12/06
And I thought I had an alright job...... goddamn!

how do I get a transfer to where you work trog?
Posted 03:00pm 07/12/06
I want to keep the wii now! =P
Posted 03:04pm 07/12/06
i can dig the motion of hitting the ball is cool

but how do you actually line up the ball to hit it?

how much control do you have as to where you hit the ball when hitting it?

i need to know
Posted 03:20pm 07/12/06
I saw a JB catalogue advertising $399 for the wii console with extras but how much did everyone pay here because ebay is ridiculous and selling them for 600??
Posted 03:40pm 07/12/06
$388 for the console at jb's
Posted 03:44pm 07/12/06
but how do you actually line up the ball to hit it?

how much control do you have as to where you hit the ball when hitting it?
Bear in mind I've played this for literally about 120 seconds so I'm sure there's people that have better feedback - but basically the characters seem to move to the ball of their own accord. You control the swing motion, but it doesn't appear to rely on a high degree of accuracy - I was pretty far away from the ball a few times and it still seem to hit OK (I suspect it's on mega-newb mode so people aren't frustrated by an inability to hit the ball).
Reverend Evil
Posted 03:52pm 07/12/06
Stop making this sound so awesome guys. Finally Nintendo have made something worth getting since the SNES.
Posted 03:58pm 07/12/06

got mine
and zelda

target had them on shelf. no preorder.

then i impulse bought a ds :(
Posted 04:00pm 07/12/06
wish i had the money to impulse buy :(
Posted 04:18pm 07/12/06
wish i had the money to impulse buy :(

Quoted.. you know - for the truth & all that :(

Hate having real life responsibilities that prevent me from indulging on things like this.
Posted 04:29pm 07/12/06
Been playing boxing at work. Great stuff!
Posted 04:45pm 07/12/06
Component still seems up in the air. The retail date most people seem to be saying is December 14th; although the guy at my local EB reckoned Monday-Tuesday next week.

From my brief read of the manual, I think you control the shot direction based on what time you swing your racket. Consider a right handed player's forehand shot:

Swing early, your racket is almost through your swing and the ball goes left

Swing on time, the ball goes straight.

Swing late, the ball goes right.

Course whether it actually works like that I dont know, been too busy playing Wii Bowling!
Posted 04:51pm 07/12/06
Course whether it actually works like that I dont know, been too busy playing Wii Bowling!
Yeh that definitely happened to me - when I swung late the ball went off way to the right.
Posted 04:53pm 07/12/06
Its a mad console, i got mine at midnight launch last night, i got Wii Play and Zelda with it, i was up till 1:30am playing Golf and Tennis on Wii Sports, but need to sleep for work >_<

ill try Wii Play and Zelda tonight when i get home :)
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 05:26pm 07/12/06
I'm about 3 hours into Zelda and it's awesome.
I've got Rayman and Monkey Ball as 'party' games but I have yet to play them for longer than 5 minutes each.

I've been hearing reports of shortages of pretty much everything now - it took me a while to find another nunchuck this morning.
Posted 06:07pm 07/12/06
A mate's wife picked up a component cable with his. Not sure from where. Will find out tomorrow if it's official nintendo or a clone.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 06:24pm 07/12/06
Component Cable - wowsers! I want one :(
Posted 07:24pm 07/12/06
I want one but Im afraid it will turn into a dusty door stop after a few weeks like all consoles after the n64.
Posted 07:36pm 07/12/06
Just got mine after reading all the posts on here. The Wii sports has blown me away. I thought i'd get some fun out of it but seriously best fun I've had on a console ay! $388 from BIG DUBS
Posted 08:15pm 07/12/06
I've just been playing tennis and bowling.

V fun!
Posted 08:18pm 07/12/06
Finally Nintendo have made something worth getting since the SNES.
ever heard of goldeneye?
Posted 08:34pm 07/12/06
I'm loving baseball and tennis. I can't bowl properly I keep spinning it unintentionally hahaha just like in real bowling.
Posted 09:21pm 07/12/06
We still have tro get something for the kids for xmas.

I am fighting all urges to get this thing.

Sounds great. Only problem is I'll never get the bastards of fit and they'll all turn out like fat nerdy losers.
Posted 09:34pm 07/12/06
Sounds great. Only problem is I'll never get the bastards of fit and they'll all turn out like fat nerdy losers.

Although it probably won't be that good, the game that comes with the Wii Console (Wii Sports) has an in-built fitness tester in it. I haven't been bothered to check it out. I was mucking around on Wii Sports for an hour or so, and I did get a tiny bit fatigued after a little while...this is the case only if you're going hard out swinging and crap.

It's alot better than the other consoles with normal controllers, at least this one is getting you off your seat and moving around.

Onto my view. I'm loving it atm. Boxing and Tennis are alot of fun. A bit disapointed with the Wii Play, but hey, it was basically only $10, so it's better than nothing.

Been playing Zelda for about 1 hour atm. It seems pretty good atm, I can see it's definately going to get better later into the game.

Best thing i've spent my money on in a long time =D

Also, with the SD cards, can you buy just any standard SD card and it will be compatible? I read somewhere that the SD card can only be a maximum size of 2GB?
Posted 10:53pm 07/12/06
I went to a midnight launch hoping to get one, I hadn't preordered, and thus didn't get one, but 16 hours later at 4pm today I got one anyway. The dude said there were 6 left... so 5 now. I got it for $175ish because I traded in my old cube and a bunch (26 as opposed to the 19 needed for the deal) of games. My gf threw a hissy when she noticed the guy not scanning stuff, which is why I got an extra $25 off. I wasn't all that fussed at the time, but I'm glad she did.

Then the dude wouldn't price match k-mart's Wii Play, he said that no other shops in the mall had any in stock. We found it in K-Mart like, 2 minutes later. So no more business for mr. arrogant lamer.

On top of that, I almost ended up paying for the thing twice because you can void a credit transaction, but you can't void it using savings. I was swiping and it was saying insufficient funds, so lucky I only had enough in there for the one buy.

I was surprised at how hefty the actual console is, but like Dr. Nick says, it's whisper quite. A bit odd to use first off, but it's pretty slick. I like the motion blurring on the cursors. :)

Haven't picked up Zelda, not enough cash... but it'll most likely be the next purchase if I can find it.

You can use any SD cards, including ?MiniSD? and MicroSD provided you have an adapter to put it in a regular sized SD slot. There's a notice paper in the Wii box that mentions about SD cards and the SD use needing to be activated using a Wii game disc I think, I didn't look at it too hard. I remember seeing that the max size is 2GB, haven't read the manual in detail, so I can't confirm that.
Posted 11:16pm 07/12/06
I love it, went to the midnight launch got the 4th console got home as quick as I could with 2 of my mates and we played till 3 in the morning, would have played all night if I didn't have to work today. But there has been plenty more playing this arvo. Wii-Sports and Wii-Play are f*****g fantastic! Zelda is freakin awesome I love it. Now all I need is a wireless router for netastic action.
Posted 11:17pm 07/12/06
Just forced the mrs to play some WiiPlay with me. 3 hours later we are both exhausted from playing Tennis and Bowling. Too much fun.

The training for bowling is awesome where they just keep piling more pins on.. Highest score so far is 501 with 2/8 strikes. Only gave me a silver so will try for better tomorrow.
Posted 11:27pm 07/12/06
im having a deceided. i want to get a console, but dont know which to get. I either gey xbox360 and get gears of war and rb:v or i get a wii and jsut have something different and more active.....

thinking the wii after watching a podcast of it.
Posted 12:23am 08/12/06
invest your money in english lessons or books.
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:53am 08/12/06
dont know which to get. I either gey xbox360

F*** buying an Xbox. Get something that's completely different to all the s*** that's out at the moment.
Posted 01:12am 08/12/06
Ok i'm a little confused...

what do you actually get in the box for your $388?

What is Wii-play?

What are the other accessories to buy?

What size screens are you guys playing it on.... i'd assume they'd need to be fairly big to be any good?

How many games are available for Wii? What games come with it?
Tanaka Khan
Posted 01:29am 08/12/06
Posted 01:38am 08/12/06
what do you actually get in the box for your $388?

The Wii Console, 1 Wii Remote, 1 Nunchuck and Wii Sports.
What is Wii-play?

A collection of fun games that utilise the Wii's unique controller fuctions, it also comes bundled with another Wii Remote, but no Nunchuck.
What are the other accessories to buy?

Another nunchuck for the Wii remote that comes with WiiPlay.
More wii remotes to play 4 player tennis doubles.
An SD card to backup any games you download via the WiiShop for the Virtual console.
A Composite Cable for 480p support.
What size screens are you guys playing it on.... i'd assume they'd need to be fairly big to be any good?

40" TFT. looks awesome but really need the composite cable.
How many games are available for Wii? What games come with it?

Only comes with Wiisports.

There are a few but only a couple of really big name ones, namely Zelda and Redsteel.

There is a lot of negative reviews about red steel having bugs and such. I just picked up Zelda for nwo, but i am really hanging for the new Mario, Super Smash Brothers. MarioKart is sure to come out at some stage but i haven't heard or seen anything about it.

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Posted 03:28am 08/12/06
man...I am a big nintendo fan, and own a 360, but damn if this isn't some of the best gaming fun I've had in 10 years. And multiplayer. It's just like the goldeneye days!

I got it at midnight and played 4 player wii sports (tennis and bowling ftw, boxing is also pretty cool and a good workout lol) and played for a few hours then made mii's (very addictive). Went to bed at 4.30am.

Got up at 9.30, mate made me breakfast and been playing Zelda most the day (It wasn't until 8pm I realised I had forgotten to eat all day). A mate popped round cos he was in the area at about midday. Another mate was in the area a few hours later, and another mate (who also purchased at midnight) came around about 6pm. We were all playing till 11pm tonight. And the first 2 had only dropped round to say hi.

Sports and Play are sweet, Play is pretty shallow, but damn addictive, best games are the shooting, laser hockey, and that cow riding game is hilarious!

Zelda is downright awesome, and after 6 hours I've only just entered the 1st dungeon and seen half of the first level of multiple. I haven't even seen Hyrule Field yet. Epic game ftw. Midna is hilarious also.

I have had some excellent fun over the past week with Gears of War and Viva Pinata, but the play sessions haven't been this dangerously long...13 hours today :| I don't think I have ever done that before. It is just such a great system to play with friends - hence, you, me, Wii!

Zelda <3. Very pretty for a GCN port. Great art design.

last edited by PHATm at 03:28:02 08/Dec/06
Crizane Tribal
Posted 08:51am 08/12/06
Also, with the SD cards, can you buy just any standard SD card and it will be compatible? I read somewhere that the SD card can only be a maximum size of 2GB?

If your diveice is limited to reading FAT16, then yes the largest card you can use is 2gb. However I assume the Wii would be able to read FAT32, so you should be able to use the 4 or 8gb SD cards.

Edit: One of my flatmates got a Wii at the midnight launch. At first the controllers were innacurate and sluggish, but you learn to cope with it and it turns out ok. Laser hokey, bowling, billiards and find Mii rule.

Getting a net connection happening though is another thing. I've got one of those Nintendo USB dongle thingies for DS, and the bastard Wii just doesn't want to connect. Tried software updates, driverhacks, stealing neighbour's wireless networks, no luck :(

last edited by Crizane Tribal at 08:51:12 08/Dec/06
Posted 10:04am 08/12/06
Yeah, I took the Wii over to the GFs house to show her mother the Wii. I noticed two things.

1. The pointer was really inaccurate and sluggish. Same console, same controls, same sensor bar, but it just didn't work right. I think the problem may have been that I was sitting much further back, so perhaps the resolution of the pointer lens is very low. Crizane, try and play again a bit closer [if you were far away], like maybe only 1.5-2 metres away from the sensor bar.

2. Her mum, who despises video games, was nice enough to humour me and have a go. She got a real kick out of Tennis, and was having heaps of fun. Chuck in a game of bowling, and she thought it was awesome. That woman was a gun, those pins never knew what hit them. In her first go, she almost bowled 200. Afterwards, she said to me, "I think I'm going to go buy one. I don't think I'd play it very often, but it's just really fun."
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 10:28am 08/12/06
Bloody hell! How long have you been playing for? I've only got 4 hearts at the moment.
Posted 10:42am 08/12/06
pc 4 lyfe

Posted 11:13am 08/12/06
i highly recommend anyone new to the console to force yourself and a mate to play through wii play, some games are a little frustating, but some are great - like the air hockey, and tanks! Once you play all 9 of the wii play games u'll be a wii controller master :)

also adjusting the sensitivity helps a lot, i quite like mine on the lowest setting so you use your arm more
Posted 11:13am 08/12/06
haha. nah that pic was just one i saw on ign last night, but it just looked nice. I havn't got a photo of my setup yet (camera is dead).

N-Dude, try changing the sensitivity calibration in the Wii menu.

I was sitting further back at one time and it was a bit wierd and disappearing, but since adjusting it, it works perfectly and much smoother than the default in all areas of our lounge.
Posted 11:15am 08/12/06
That photo of Zelda on screen looks more awesome than any screenshots I've ever seen. Y'know, the wii isn't a graphical powerhouse, but it's pretty slick none the less. I was a bit surprised by how awesome boxing was, especially the blurring and pow when you punch well.

If you're having trouble with innacuracy or sluggishness, make sure you dive into the sensor bar sensitivity settings... they have an explanation when you run it, but I'll be damned if I understood it, the dots you get on display move in the opposite direction to what the remote does... but it's pretty easy just to fiddle with.

Posted 11:18am 08/12/06
Now I read it's not your setup... still, the photo is well impressive. Hoping to pick Zelda up today. Wii is making me broke so fast. :(
Posted 11:32am 08/12/06
i'm desperate for some component cables, playing a projector here, yes it gets a little blurry when the screen is 3 meters :S

Posted 12:09pm 08/12/06

I called nintendo and they said the composite cable is due 1week after launch, so the 14th.

that appears consistant with a few websites out there that are selling the cables online.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 12:38pm 08/12/06
That's true, however some stores have already received their shipment and are selling them. Not sure if any of these stores in QLD.
Posted 01:51pm 08/12/06
I dunno about availability in QLD. After I heard last night I headed out this morning round Indro. Visited JB, Kmart, Myer and EB. None there, but EB said they'd have them in on Monday so I put $10 down.

Tim Tibbetts
Posted 02:47pm 08/12/06
Just got a call from JB Indro they have my cable :D
Posted 03:39pm 08/12/06

yeah, JB's around syndey got them yesterday but they sold out quick.
Posted 04:27pm 08/12/06
thanks Tim, just picked up the last 2 at JB :D
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 04:31pm 08/12/06
I hope you didn't pick mine up!!
Posted 04:41pm 08/12/06
the guy said 2 on shelf. they had some held though.
Posted 11:58pm 08/12/06
JB-Hifi phoned me to say they had my preordered cables in,
then sold them before I got there (40mins after they called) not overly impressed with that

damn lack of component cables
Posted 11:00am 09/12/06
thats the same TV i have in that zelda pic... let me just say, it owns. pretty cheap too... because it doesnt have an HDTV tuner built in. who watches TV anyway?

i got it for the games, baby. and my computer.
Posted 12:13pm 09/12/06
JB-Hifi phoned me to say they had my preordered cables in,
then sold them before I got there (40mins after they called) not overly impressed with that

That would give me a f*****g rage blackout.
Posted 04:26am 13/12/06
smeh... s*** through their letterbox.. that would make me feel better
Posted 09:41am 13/12/06
JB-Hifi phoned me to say they had my preordered cables in,
then sold them before I got there (40mins after they called) not overly impressed with that
Heh - was that JB @ Macgregor (in which case, I'm the bastard).

...about 9 hours into Zelda (in the mines right now) & having a ball.

I'm going to try & pick up Rayman asap - everyone seems to have sold out though :(
Posted 10:05am 13/12/06
So wait, people have the component cables now? How much difference does it make?
Posted 10:09am 13/12/06
i would imagine if you have a decent tv, significant difference

makes a difference when using them from dvd/foxtel to a decent tele
Posted 10:18am 13/12/06
All I know is that Wii looked better through composite on my CRT then it did through composite on my friends 32" LCD. So def make the component switch.
Posted 10:46am 13/12/06
anyone know anywhere that still has the actual console in stock on the Southside?
Posted 10:49am 13/12/06
Heh - was that JB @ Macgregor (in which case, I'm the bastard).

...about 9 hours into Zelda (in the mines right now) & having a ball.

I'm going to try & pick up Rayman asap - everyone seems to have sold out though :(

Nah, was the Indro store
Managed to get one of the last 2 cables from JB in the city yesterday tho :)

Picked up RedSteel for the hell of it too, im actually enjoying it, took maybe an hour (first 2 levels) to get used to the controls but after that its good fun.
Posted 01:28pm 13/12/06
anyone know anywhere that still has the actual console in stock on the Southside?
Kmart had a stack (Sunnybank) when I bought mine...
Posted 01:34pm 13/12/06
went there yesterday and no joy :(

apparently most places @ garbo had them yesterday so going to check it out later today.
Posted 01:48pm 13/12/06
just randomly walked into EB at indro when I was grabbin lunch and scored a component cable

I asked if they had more so I could let yas know but he reckons that was their only one
Posted 11:30pm 15/12/06
Hey guys, new here, doing a bit of reading up on this Wii business. It's bloody impressive from what little I've played, but I've got a question for those of you who've spent more time with it. I was playing the balloon/can shooting game in Wii Play, and the crosshair wasn't appearing where I was actually pointing the remote. It was still entirely playable, I was just wondering if somewhere in the calibration options you can make it so the cursor appears exactly where you're pointing?

Posted 01:01am 16/12/06
Some games let you do it, Zelda for example you can calibrate the pointer and apply an offset to it, to make it point higher or lower on the screen and more accurately match where you're actually pointing the remote. The main Wii menu has a sensitivity option that you can use to globally adjust the sensitivity of the pointer to suit how close/far away you are from the sensor, but any sort of offsetting of the pointer seems to be something that needs to be handled on a per-game basis by the game itself.
Posted 02:42am 16/12/06
Along with that it also would be worth checking if the Wii was set to have the sensor bar above or below the screen as if it was set to the wrong setting it would make quite a difference.
Posted 10:57am 16/12/06
So what are the chances of getting a wii if you haven't pre-ordered? Whats the best place/cheapest to get one?
Posted 11:57am 16/12/06
got mine from toyworld in myer centre for $389 + zelda for $89.95.
then went to EB in queens plaza and got them to price match JB for wiiplay at $64.95. JB's were out of stock, but noone there was picking up the phone so EB dude could verify the price match. EB dude did it anyway :)
Posted 04:18pm 16/12/06
Anybody got a particular brand of AA Batteries that they find good? Any good rechargeable ones?

Been playing Zelda... it's a good thing I had two remotes because the batteries just ran out in one the other day so I was able to just switch remotes and continue on... but they're almost dead now too. 40 hours in Zelda. It's pretty awesome, but it would be nice if the later dungeons/areas made more use of the other items... I feel like I'm relying on 1 or 2 items most of the time and the others were just handy for a few places.

On a zelda related tangent, it's good to read that they've already started on building a Wii Zelda from the ground up. :D
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 05:02pm 16/12/06
I was just wondering if somewhere in the calibration options you can make it so the cursor appears exactly where you're pointing?

No, there's not a setting to do that. The Wiimote isn't a lightgun, it's not supposed to be used like a lightgun. Think of it more as a mouse.
Posted 05:41pm 16/12/06
it's not supposed to be used like a lightgun.
Then why are there point and shoot games/minigames?
Posted 07:52pm 16/12/06
Just another question about the WII:

I'm looking at getting the standard bundle with wii sports. How does this work in terms of 2 player? Is it turn based as in only requiring one controller or should i look at getting another one? If i get another one should i get a nunchuck and a wiimote or just the wiimote (i'm assumiung they're sold seperately?).

I'm also going to get zelda (if i can find it).
Posted 08:10pm 16/12/06
Wow... I nintendo prototype that may never eventuate, havn't seen one of those before...
Posted 08:24pm 16/12/06
i just got up to level 38 on Find Mii (Wii Play) and only got a bronze medal! Fark. What have you reached?
Posted 08:29pm 16/12/06
I nintendo prototype that may never eventuate
Yeah 10 cents worth of plastic shaped like a gun, it would be a huge gamble for nintendo.
Posted 08:35pm 16/12/06
Yes... 10 cents worth of plastic... its not modified at all.. you still pull the trigger on the front of the control...
Posted 08:42pm 16/12/06
Anyway, my point was that nintendo see the wii remote as able to be used like a light gun, even if Tim Tibbets doesnt.
Posted 09:02pm 16/12/06
Well, Mr. Tibbetts is right in that it's not a light gun, but it can be used like one wherein you point at targets and shoot. But if you want it to act exactly like a gun then you'd have to calibrate it to do so... but the shooting game in Wii Play doesn't work like a lightgun, you're better off watching the crosshair on the screen rather than sighting down the remote.

I'm pretty sure that zapper shell that attaches to the remote also has a trigger in the usual trigger position, but it's pretty hard to tell from that picture, but it's not unlikely to think so... they could add in any number of buttons/sticks/whatever that they want using the extension slot in the end of the remote.

As for Wii Sports multiplayer, I think you can share remotes for golf and bowling, but you're better off getting an extra remote. Best bet is to pick up Wii Play, as it has a bunch of fun games and bonus remote and it's not too much more than a remote by itself. You'll also want to pick up a nunchuck if you plan on two player boxing or two player tanks in Wii Play (If you end up getting that) though you can play tanks without a nunchuck, it's a bit fiddly.
Posted 11:24am 17/12/06
Anyone else had any issues? Mine has crashed once and is now trying to connect to the Wii shop channel but not connecting... it's just stuck on the connecting screen. I can't reset or turn it off.
Posted 05:46pm 17/12/06
Mine takes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages to connect to the wii shop sometimes. I just leave it, and eventually it gets in though.
Posted 06:13pm 17/12/06
Oh ok. The first time I tried it, it connected quite quickly. I'll leave it next time.
Posted 06:44pm 17/12/06
that looks like a thumbstick on the top of the gun. 15c worth of plastic probably
Posted 07:08pm 17/12/06
that looks like a thumbstick on the top of the gun
Thats the nunchuk thingy, the gun is just a mount for the wiitroller.
Posted 08:03pm 19/12/06
can anyone recommend any fun multiplayer game to get with the wii??

ive been looking at 2 particularly the rayman one with all the bunnies, and the monkey one. they got a lot of little mini games that look good multiplayer.

what do u guys recommend?
Posted 09:27pm 19/12/06
Rayman is really fun, I picked up that when I picked up my Wii. Its got quite a twisted sense of humour about it, and the crazy Rabbits are great. I tried Monkeyball out when I was in EB, and it really failed to impress me much, the games weren't anywhere near as much fun as Rayman's.
Posted 09:36pm 19/12/06
Has anyone here played red steel? I saw the ad for it on tv the other day and it looked really good but reviews rate it badly??
Posted 09:49pm 19/12/06
yea are the raymans minigames multiplayer tho??

i was looking for something that like 2 players can play at once
Posted 10:25pm 19/12/06
yea are the raymans minigames multiplayer tho??

Yeah, they're all multiplayer, up to 4 players. Some of them you play at the same time, some you take it in turns.

Also, I hired Red Steel, its worth a hire imo, but not worth a purchase. The story is s***, and the cutscenes and the dialogue are really bad, the graphics alternate between nice and ugly as sin, and I found the selection of guns to be pretty boring as well. The sword fighting is fun at first, until you realise every single person you fight has a canned sequence of moves they do over and over and over, and then the sword fighting just becomes repetitive and annoying. You learn all these fancy katas and sword combos, but you never actually need to use them, every single enemy in the game, even bosses, can be beaten just using the simple parry and dodge moves you learn right at the start, then counter-attacking.

In the end, its an interesting concept, but it turned out being an incredibly average/boring game. Worth a hire, just to see the interesting ways they used the controls if nothing else, but after a night with the game I was thoroughly over it, so I can't imagine it being worth a purchase. I hear Call of Duty 3 is a much better example of an FPS on the Wii, but I haven't played it myself. After seeing how sexy it looks in HD on the 360, I dont think I could bring myself to go play it on the Wii :P
Posted 12:23am 20/12/06
apparently COD3 on wii isn't great either. u get stuck in certain areas, like when u are hand to hand wrestling it just gets repetitive and doesn't respond properly and u can die easily.

where do u hire the games anyway?
Posted 01:04am 20/12/06
CoD 3 is pretty crap imo. The wrestling is s*** haus. Carbon f*****g rocks my jocks though!
Posted 04:38am 20/12/06
where do u hire the games anyway?

Both the Blockbuster and the Video Ezy at Browns Plains have them for hire, so I'd assume other Blockbusters and Video Ezys would have them too.
Posted 09:48am 20/12/06
Video Ezy@Taringa doesn't have them:( I asked a noob looking dude there and he said he doesn't think they'll have them anytime soon.
Posted 09:53am 20/12/06
yeah the noobs at taringa video ezy dont know much but siad they wouldnt get 360 games for a while until the video ezy's around the area (been there longer) started getting em
Posted 11:28am 20/12/06
Hey guys, does anyone know where there is a Wii instock around the parra area? i've rang up everywhere i can think of and no luck... i gave target my details and they said they'd ring me when it came in but i dont trust them
Posted 11:39am 17/4/07
Hey guys, I was wondering if it is at all possible to use an SD card for copying game save files without first connecting to broadband internet? I am unfortunately stuck in the middle ages with dial-up! :(
Posted 12:11pm 17/4/07
damn newbies
Posted 01:58pm 17/4/07
Posted 07:16pm 17/4/07
Hey guys, I was wondering if it is at all possible to use an SD card for copying game save files without first connecting to broadband internet? I am unfortunately stuck in the middle ages with dial-up! :(

I did this with Zelda from one Wii to another;) Seemed pretty easy to do without an explanation though:P
Posted 01:09am 18/4/07
well i thought it would be simple and i looked in the manual and it had a screen shot of the data management thing with three tabs, wii hardrive, gamecube and sd cards whereas when i go in I only have two the sd card tab is not there, the manual also mentioned that you may have to connect to the net before using sd cards to backup save files... so don't get all s***** at me because u didn't have to do it >_< I'm sorry I did'nt know how to do something and thought asking someone was an appropraite measure! Unless someone here has the decency to help another than
I'll just go elsewhere where people aren't pricks....
Posted 09:25am 18/4/07
At least he learnt in 2 posts.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 10:24am 18/4/07
I'll just go elsewhere where people aren't pricks....

Well that was easy.
Posted 04:02pm 18/4/07
well good to see noone here wanted to prove me wrong, I still never got an answer to my question... Maybe know one here knows what there even on about :D well that's OK last time i come to forums full of BS artists who pretend to know everything but then when asked one simple thing can't give me an answer! Well thanks anyways guys!
Posted 04:06pm 18/4/07
Posted 04:07pm 18/4/07
so the point of that post was......
Posted 04:15pm 18/4/07

Tucker, You do still get google on dial-up don't you?? If so try entering wii update sd card and have a browse on the results...
Posted 04:21pm 18/4/07
you just wrecked this thread boxhead
Reverend Evil
Posted 05:03pm 18/4/07
Tucker = Hamster?
Posted 04:17am 03/8/07
Thanks for answering a question no one asked, although i think the correct answer was Banned by Trog.

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Posted 02:29pm 03/8/07
+1 for googling indexings retard attraction power.
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