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Post by trog @ 02:05pm 21/11/06 | 43 Comments
Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii, the last two of the next generation consoles to make it out (except for the Phantom, of course), have finally made their way out in the US. News from the Internets (including Penny Arcade seems to indicate the PlayStation 3 is a little harder to find due to production shortages, with the Wii being much more readily available.

There are jillions of sites with coverage but it looks like initial feedback of the Wii is pretty good (with a few notable exceptions).


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Posted 09:54pm 21/11/06
Nintendo never advertised the Wii as having "Next-Gen" graphics, have they?
Posted 01:12am 22/11/06
Well, wii sold like a storm, and ps3 drizzled. Both rained themselves dry, but the total volume sold was a significant difference.
Posted 10:12pm 22/11/06
When i played the Wii at e-games, the motion sensor in the tennis game felt a little sluggish to be honest...
And while i didn't play it myself, most of the people i watched playing Red Steel had MAJOR trouble aiming at things, not to mention moving.

Still, i'm sure Nintendo will work out the bugs, if any are there.
Posted 10:13pm 22/11/06
Anyone preordered their Wii at Toys'R'Us? I've been told that you get a free game if you preorder even just the console, but the website details that you must buy their AUD$730 "family pack" to get Zelda. And no I'm talking about a full-price game, not Wii Sports.

Can anyone shed some light on this? I'm split between MYER and Toys'R'Us.
Posted 10:18pm 22/11/06
Oh, Tuco, great find!

It's incredible that people out there will buy a PS3, with four controllers and 17 games in one go for US$5000... well, not in this case anway.
Posted 01:32pm 23/11/06
I'm still waiting for the Phantom before deciding. :P
Posted 05:23pm 23/11/06
I reckon if you give a good enough rant at the store manager they will give you your game of choice :)

Plus when i got mine, i think the coupon sasys - "free game of your choice"
Both Open season and NFS arent actual Wii games are they, as in they are available for all consoles?
Although using the wii-mote for a steering wheel for NFS could be fun, atleast until the novelty wears off, in which case you go and trade it in for a decent game lol
Posted 08:50pm 23/11/06
Snaps to whoever thought of the that title! They were asking for puns like that when they decided to call it a "wii".
Posted 12:43am 24/11/06
I just visited my local Toys'R'Us today(when I mean local I mean driving for half-an-hour from Richmond to Highpoint in Maribynong, Melbourne). They've confirmed what I've read about - you have a choice of either NFS: Carbon or Open Season as a free game for pre-ordering.

I bit the dust a week ago and pre-ordered at both MYER and Toys'R'Us. Still undecided which pre-order to cancel. If I can swap NFS: Carbon for another game that'd be a sweet deal, whereas the MYER voucher book I'm not so sure of since the specifics are speculative. Had a chat with a fellow employee there and he said it's most likely just $10 vouchers for various items like games and Wiimotes. Pretty good in the long run for eager fans who plan to buy most of the Wii catalogue. Any help?
Posted 11:17pm 26/11/06
Thanks, riot'us!

I signed-up for a MYER One card (30 secs), printed and filled-in the pdf form and handed it to the guy at MYER Melbourne today. Really simple! Now I have $600 worth of coupons AND a free game!

True, GT Pro Series looks to be a horrible game with graphics akin to a poor DS racing game up-ressed to standard definition. But atleast it's free. Hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of MYER's returns policies and swap it for another game. If not then I'll just trade it in at EB Games.
Posted 08:52am 28/11/06
nooo dont by from eb, you do nothing but encourage them to call the shots with publishers who then trash on the little guy, buying from eb is like not recycling, and driving a gas guzzling beast, totally uncool
Posted 10:28am 28/11/06
Just so you know Tim, all shops are obligated to replace or refund you your purchase if the item you bought becomes faulty within atleast the first month of purchase. It's the law.

Each store will have a slightly different refund policy depending on the item so do check before you buy, but they all should have the core one month return policy, atleast. I know for a fact that MYER have a very respectable replacement policy where even shirts have been replaced more than one year after purchase because it was deemed faulty, though it'll most likely be different for electrical items, in which case you'd use the manufacturer's warranty.

JB are alright with replacements - my DVD player had trouble negotiating the layer change of Harry Potter 1 LE, so I returned the DVD. The lady was nice and explained that it's most likely due to a bug in my DVD player (it's true, happens on some DVDs too) since there weren't any scratches but she still replaced it on the grounds that the plastic sprues inside the CD case holding the Harry Potter soundtrack were broken.
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